The Ultimate Binge-Watch Guide: Which TV Shows to Marathon Over the Holidays!

We at ETonline have created your ultimate guide to help you figure out which shows you need to catch up on or binge before Christmas break is over.

The holidays are here, and while some would argue that this time should be spent with your family and friends, we think you should grab some coco and use this much-needed break to catch up all of the best TV shows that you keep putting off.

While the usual batch of television shows are currently hibernating in their winter hiatus, you should take advantage of the small screen slumber to get caught up on all the series that are worth watching (or even re-watching) before the new year approaches.

We at ETonline have created your ultimate guide to help you figure out which shows you need to catch up on or binge before Christmas break is over. So put on those sweatpants and blow off those family obligations because your schedule is now jam-packed with these can't miss shows…

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For the Comedy Fanatic

Catch Up On: Parks and Recreation. The final season of the fan-favorite comedy will debut Tuesday, Jan. 13 on NBC, but before we say goodbye to our favorite Pawnee residents — you need to know what you'll be missing. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just a casual watcher, make sure you're up to speed on last season's shocking twist before tuning in to season seven.

Binge: Broad City. You're going to need to put on sunglasses before bingeing this outrageous comedy. Amy Poehler is an executive producer on the series and joins Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Janeane Garofalo, Michelle Hurst, Jason Mantzoukas and Amy Sedaris, among many others, as guest stars. Broad City is charming, hilarious and will provide you with plenty of fresh one-liners for the New Year.

For the Streaming Fan

Catch Up On: Transparent. It's the show that everyone's talking about — and for amazing reasons. Fans and critics alike gravitated toward Amazon's ground-breaking drama that was initially met with some controversy. Newly announced Golden Globe nominee Jeffrey Tambor plays a cisgender – someone who identifies as the gender of the sex they were assigned at birth – and his performance captivate you for all ten episodes.

Binge: Orange Is the New Black. You've heard about Crazy Eyes, wondered what's so great about Alex, and questioned what exactly it means to throw your pie for someone — and now's your chance to get all the answers. The on-goings at Litchfield Penitentiary are bizarre and bewildering but we guarantee this show will make your Netflix subscription totally worth it.

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For the Cable Craver

Catch Up On: Fargo. Oh you haven't see Fargo yet, eh? Well you had better bundle up because Bemidji, Minn. is equal parts freezing and addicting. This small-screen adaptation of the classic Coen brothers movie has already earned major Golden Globe kudos, and FX has picked it up for a second season coming in Spring of 2015.

Binge: Breaking Bad. We're going to assume that you've already seen Breaking Bad, because it's pretty much one of the best series of all-time. So go ahead and watch all of the meth-filled craziness again before Better Call Saul premieres on Sunday, Feb. 8. However if you're one of the inexcusable few who has not yet witnessed Walter White's transformation into Heisenberg, stop what you're doing and watch it immediately. Like NOW.

For the Late Bloomer

BBC America

Catch Up On: Orphan Black. The third season of the highly-addictive BBC America drama premieres on April 18, so use this time to catch up to where we left off — or risk missing out on the show that critics and fans can't stop talking about.

Binge: Orphan Black. If you have not yet experienced the sheer brilliance of Tatiana Maslany playing more than 10 characters, spend this break becoming a member of the Clone Club. (Even if you're already caught up on the Clone craziness, your time would be well spent re-watching Sarah Manning's doppelganger endeavors all over again.)

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For the Drama Queen

Catch Up On: How to Get Away With Murder. This freshman hit is filled with all of Shonda Rhimes' small-screen signatures: Ultra sexy love scenes, shocking twists and adrenaline-pumping turns. You only have nine episodes to breeze through to get you ready for the final six episodes beginning Jan. 29, 2015.

Binge: The Good Wife. Whether or not you're already familiar with the Julianna Margulies' Emmy-worthy performance as Alicia Florrick, bingeing The Good Wife is the perfect way to ring in the New Year. (Just make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand…)

For the Premium Cable Preferred

Catch Up On: Game of Thrones. It’s a show packed with dragons, death, and the looming threat of Winter — what's not to love? The fifth season of HBO's smash series will return to our lives in Spring of 2015, so you'd better make sure you're caught up on the sprawling events of Westeros before then.

Binge: The Affair. This Showtime drama quickly became one of the most-talked about new series of the Fall and it even snagged three Golden Globe nominations. You should already be intrigued by this sultry drama, but just in case you still need a bit more convincing, pay close attention to these three words: Naked Joshua Jackson.

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For the Nostalgic TV Devotee:

Catch Up On: Twin Peaks. In case you missed it, Showtime is bringing this deeply inventive show back for a limited series run in 2016. The reboot will be a continuation of the beloved 1990 series, so you had better get to bingeing if you want to know what's coming up next. Not to worry, you only have two seasons to speed through — just make sure you have a slice of cherry pie and a cup of damn fine coffee in your hands before pressing play.

Binge: Gilmore Girls. Not going to lie, we literally squealed with delight when we found out that Gilmore Girls was coming to Netflix. We desperately missed living vicariously through the fast-talking twosome, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, so whether or not you've already seen this heartwarming series, it should be on your list. In fact, here are all the reasons why you need to binge this show immediately.

For the Superhero Supporter

Catch Up On: The Flash. Despite the familiar plot, The CW has charged this series with a fun and fresh tone. Grant Gustin's take on Berry Allen is both quirky and endearing, but layered with a dark and intriguing past. You have nine episodes to catch up on, but don’t worry — they'll go by in a flash.

Binge: Arrow. If you're not already an avid Arrow watcher, then you're desperately missing out on one of TV's most action-packed dramas. The stunts alone are enough to take your breath away and when you add in the fact that Stephen Amell is shirtless in most of the episodes, you're guaranteed to pass out.