Mike Myers Returns as Dr. Evil To Talk Sony Hack on 'SNL'


It's been 12 years since Mike Myers played Dr. Evil in Austin Powers: Goldmember, and now Saturday Night Live brought him back for a controversial topic.

Just this past week, Sony decided not to release The Interviewafter hackers leaked corporate e-mails, unreleased films and threatened Americans in theaters with 9/11-like attacks if they went to see it. Many celebrities reacted in outrage and said that Sony's decision was a violation of freedom of speech and the right to creative expression.

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On last night's episode, the SNL alum took on the topic during a sketch where he interrupted "A Very Somber Christmas With Sam Smith."

He says, "I've preempted this program because I'm furious that Sony Pictures and North Korea have given evil a bad name."

President Obama just spoke about accusing North Korea of the hack today during CNN's State of the Union on Sunday. He said, "I think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We will respond proportionately, as I said."

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Dr. Evil also had words for North Korea, "Let's start with you, North Korea. You're one of the most evil countries in the world and your act of war is to kill a movie? It's easy to kill a movie. Just move it to January."

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For more on the Sony hack, check out the video below.

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