The 5 Best New Year's Eve Kisses From Our Favorite TV Shows


New Year’s Eve is one of the most magical nights of the year. It signifies new beginnings, clean slates and endless possibilities.

The pressure to ring in the new year with someone special weighs on almost everyone though, including the characters from some of our favorite television series. This being said, we decided to rank the five best NYE kisses from these beloved shows – and trust us, it was hard to choose. Watch the video above to see the cute kissing moments for yourselves – and check out our list below!

5.  Dan Humphrey and Serena Van Der Woodsen – Gossip Girl

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Dan and Serena’s NYE lip-lock takes place in season 5. Serena is desperately trying to rekindle her relationship with Dan while Dan is falling for her BFF, Blair Waldorf. Unfortunately, Blair is gearing up to wed Prince Louis – who she shares a kiss with at midnight. Oh, and she’s still holding a torch for the ultimate love of her life, Chuck Bass. Talk about complications on the Upper East Side!

4.  Ted Mosby and Robin Scherbatsky – How I Met Your Mother


Ted plans a big night out for the group by hiring a limo to escort them to five different NYE soirees. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned (they never do on NYE, do they?) and the gang fails to make it to the last party by midnight. Trying to make the best of the situation, Ted pops a bottle of champagne for everyone to enjoy. At that exact moment, Robin’s boyfriend, Derek, appears at the limo’s window citing that he left work to be with her at midnight. A majorly bummed-out Ted exits the limo – but Robin decides to follow him. The twosome finally share a sweet kiss and everyone’s hearts are happy. Well, except maybe Derek’s.

3.  Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti – That ‘70s Show

After eight long seasons, That ‘70s Show came to an end in 2006 with an episode appropriately titled “That ‘70s Finale.” The highly-anticipated finale marked the return of Topher Grace (and Ashton Kutcher) and the end of the ‘70s, as the episode takes place on Dec. 31, 1979. Donna finds herself still angry and hurt by her split from Eric and vents to Kitty about her son’s selfish behavior. Eventually, Donna begins reminiscing about her favorite memories with Eric while sitting alone on the porch. At the perfect moment, Eric emerges, causing Donna to get all sorts of emotional. The tears flow, the feelings come rushing back, and Donna plants one on her former beau. It’s cute.

2.  Chandler Bing and Monica Geller – Friends

Really, we should just list the entire cast of Friends at No. 2. In this episode, Chandler and Monica are still trying to keep their relationship a secret from their pals – except for Joey, who already knows. Being the good pal he is, Joey tries to find an inconspicuous way that allows Monica and Chandler to kiss in public at midnight without the rest of the gang catching on. His plan? Arranging kisses between Ross and Phoebe and Rachel and himself. This is why we love Joey.

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1.  Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper – The O.C.

The O.C.
gave viewers one of the most memorable NYE episodes of all time in the form of The Countdown. First, Ryan’s awkward reaction to Marissa saying “I love you” causes a rift between the two. Then, with the pair in high school relationship turmoil, Marissa accepts an invitation to Oliver’s NYE party while Ryan gets stuck babysitting Kirsten’s trouble-making younger sister who decides to throw a surprise rager at the Cohen house. Finally, Ryan gets the courage to tell Marissa he loves her too and embarks on the most dramatic sprint across town to find Marissa in time to kiss her when the clock strikes 12. To Oliver’s dismay, Ryan bursts through the doors of his penthouse and the look on Marissa’s face is priceless. Silver confetti covers the couple as they share the sweetest New Year’s lip lock ever – and the soundtrack that plays in the background makes the moment that much more enchanting. Ryan and Marissa forever.

Which TV couple shared your favorite New Year’s Eve kiss?! Do you agree with our list or do you have another choice? Send @Katie_Krause a tweet and let her know your choice! Oh, and may your New Year’s Eve night be as fairytale-esque as some of these.