Chris Pratt On His 2-Year-Old Son: 'He's Like My Therapist'

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Chris Pratt sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, and revealed that he's been talking to a therapist - who happens to be his two-year-old son Jack.

The Parks and Recreation star opened up to Ellen about raising a toddler, and explained why his son hasn't really suffered from the so-called "terrible twos."

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"From what I understand most of the terrible two stuff is the toddler's inability to express what they want. They know what they want, but they can't tell you because they don't know the words yet," Pratt explained. "He's so vocal that It's not that hard for him. It'’s super frustrating because you're like, 'Jack, I think it's time for you to go to bed,' and he's like, 'I thought about it and no thanks, Dad. Not right now.' He’'s so polite. What am I supposed to do?"

In August 2012, Pratt and his wife, actress Anna Faris, welcomed their son, however, Jack was born premature at 3 pounds, 12 ounces. At the time, doctors told the couple that their son might have special needs.

In December 2014, Pratt spoke at the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies, where he gave an emotional and heartwarming speech about his own son's early struggles, sharing, "Our Jack went from a small, helpless little squirt to a strong, smart, happy, funny, beautiful boy who loves monster trucks and Daniel Tiger, and, believe it or not, loves vegetables."

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"He says amazing things, profound things," Pratt said, sharing a conversation he had with Jack during a family gathering during the holidays. "I was sitting down and I said, 'You know Jack, there's a lot of people here, and it's very loud, and people are gonna be having a lot of fun. And there might even be some tension.' And he just said, 'It's family.' I almost started crying. I was like, 'Thank you son, you're right.' He's like my therapist."

Check out the video for more from Pratt, including his memories of the final season of Parks and Recreation, and his love of Fireball whiskey. Pratt's entire interview with Ellen airs Wednesday, Jan. 7.