'The Biggest Loser' Sneak Peek: Tim Gunn Returns for Makeover Episode!

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It’s time for one of the most eagerly anticipated episodes of The Biggest Loser—the four remaining contestants have made it to makeover week!

ETonline caught up with trainersJessie Pavelka, Jen Widerstrom and Dovett Quince, as well as fashion expert Tim Gunn who returns to help create truly amazing and inspirational transformations.

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"The contestants are so daunted by this makeover," Tim tells ET. "They're apprehensive, they're nervous, they're fearful."

Tim adds, "All the contestants haven’t worn real clothes for years, so this is quite a huge moment for them."

But the four remaining ranch contestants, Sonya, Toma, Rob and Lori, will face their fears when they are gifted with a complete new look with the help of Gunn and celebrity hair stylist Ken Paves. Following their makeover the contestants will be reunited with their loved ones for what is sure to be an emotional reveal.

"In my mind we're meeting these contestants for the first time," Jen tells ET. Jen along with Jessie are the new trainers to join the show this season.

"There's different transformations," Jessie says. "You see the weight loss, you see people come to life, but to them put some clothes on, feel sexy, feel confident and walk down in front of their loved ones who they haven't seen in a while-- this is going to be an amazing experience."

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An experience and emotional journey that the trainers say they are as equally invested in as the contestants are.

"I've cried every day we filmed," Jen admits. "The reason we do well and the reason [the contestants] do well is because we're invested in them."

"It has to do with baring witness to the trial of the human spirit," Tim explains. "Seeing what these individuals have done-- it's remarkable."

Watch the video for a special sneak peek at Sonya's emotional transformation.

The makeover episode The Biggest Loser airs tomorrow night on NBC with a special live performance by Gavin DeGraw.

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