'Glee' Scoop: 6 Things to Know Before Watching the Final Season!


Today is the day, Gleeks!

After months of impatiently waiting, the premiere of the sixth and final season of Glee is finally here — and we've got six things you definitely need to know before tuning into tonight's special two-hour debut.

From relationship updates, to a recap of the best reunions, and a rundown of the brief, yet amazing inside jokes that will re-appear, this is your candid guide of what to expect when you return to McKinley High.

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1. Rachel's Star Has Lost Its Shine

Last season, Rachel floored fans when she blew off her longtime Broadway dreams to star in a TV show, and unfortunately, it looks like she made the wrong decision. After starring in the lowest-rated series of all time, "That's So Rachel," Ms. Berry returns to Lima after months of hiding out, only to discover that everything has fallen apart.

Luckily, she finds strength from her friends — Blaine, Sam, and Kurt — as well as her former mentor, Mr. Schue, in order to get back up on her feet and set her sights on a new dream: Re-build the New Directions from scratch. Although we're fine with the series coming full circle, (i.e. ending where it all began, in the halls of McKinley), we're bummed that our heroine was forced to fall so far. We were hoping for a Tony win, not a repeat of recruiting musical misfits. No offense, newbies...

2. Some May Be Gone, But They're Not Forgotten

When Mark Salling revealed the final season would not bring closure to Finn's death on the series, we were worried this could mean that there would be no mention of the quarterback at all. so we were surprisingly pleased when Finn was briefly brought into a conversation between Rachel and Mr. Schue. Sure it's just a quick line, but it was enough to bring a smile to our face.

So what are some other fan-favorites that will be mentioned now that it's the beginning of the end? Lord and Lady Tubbington, Sugar Motta, the Quinntana V-day hook-up, crazy advice from Brittany, the ferocity of Vocal Adrenaline, Sue's journal, slushies, gold stars, "hell-to-the-no", and forgetting about Tina.

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3. If You're a Klaine Fan, It's Gonna Hurt

We're going to be honest here, and it's going to suck. It seems like this couple has had more ups and down than a seesaw on a child-riddled playground, and in the beginning of season 6, the relationship between Kurt and Blaine is in a very low place. True fans probably already know about the new bear-sized obstacle that is blocking the road to a rekindled Klaine relationship — but if you have managed to avoid the spoilers, please take our advice: stock up on tissues!

All we can say for now is there's a bathroom scene that will rip your Klaine-loving heart straight from your chest. (So you might want to also have a pillow on hand that you can scream into.) We're extremely optimistic that this couple will reunite by the end of the series, so until then we just have to grit our teeth and wait for the storm to blow over. Sorry, guys — we feel you.

4. The Unholy Trinity is Just as Fierce as Ever!

From their debut performance with "Say A Little Prayer", fans knew that Quinn, Santana and Brittany were a musical forced not to be messed with. And following in their tradition of excellence, the Unholy Trinity's performance of season six will definitely get you perfectly synchronized chills.

Their Cheerio-accompanied rendition of Ariana Grande's "Problem" is filled with sexy shakes and sultry shimmies. Each girl sounds fantastic, but we were most blown away by Heather Morris' few power-filled lines. (Nice to have you back, Britt!) But the one thing we were most excited to see? The vicious verbal throw-down between our threesome and a certain disgruntled Cheerio.

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5. The New Newbies are Really Good (But Not Great)

Thanks to Sue, the former New Directions that we came to know and mildly love — Marley, Jake, Ryder, and Unique — were all forced to leave WMHS now that the glee club has officially been dismantled. So when Rachel is tasked with recruiting new members for the new New Directions, fans are introduced to a handful of new characters in the second episode, "Homecoming."

From yet another small girl with a big voice, to an outcast who turns to music for comfort, to two cheerios who are willing to brave Sue's wicked wrath to follow their dreams — you'll get a strong sense of Glee déjà vu. Don’t get us wrong, these actors all have wonderful voices, and we know it's necessary to meet new characters in order for Rachel to achieve her now-mediocre goals, but you'll find it difficult to care about these students since we know they'll be irrelevant in just a few months.

6. If You're a Brittana Fan, You're Gonna Smile

We at ETonline have already gifted you with a sneak peek of Brittana's swoon-worthy Eskimo kisses, and let's just say that's only the beginning of their adorable moments. Although there are no real lip-locks in the first two hours, Brittany and Santana's flirtatious glances and sweet hand-holding are enough to curb your cravings for the moment.

We still wish that there was some kind of verbal interaction between the brunette and blonde beauties, however if you are still salivating for more Brittana after tonight's two-hour premiere, then we have great news for you. On Monday we will have an exclusive sneak peek of Brittany and Santana's first duet of the new season — and we promise, you won't want to miss it!

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Glee premieres tonight at 8 p.m. with a special two-hour event on Fox.

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