Go Behind the Scenes of Rob Lowe's Hilarious New DirecTV Commercial

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Rob Lowe's DirecTV commercials have shown him in a light we don't usually get to see and we were on the set of his latest ad.

"Basically the idea is I play alternation versions of myself," Rob told ET.

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Those versions have included "Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe," "Meathead Rob Lowe," and "Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe," among others.

"The hardest ones are when we are doing so many special effects where they're putting my head on somebody else's body," Rob explained. "So 'Scrawny Arms' was another guy's arms on my body, 'Meathead' is my peanut head on a giant Arnold Schwarzenegger-body guy, so that's hard because you're limited by the effects."

The ads have been gaining popularity since they debuted in September.

"It's a chance for me to play so many different characters which I never ever would have gotten an opportunity to do otherwise," Rob said.

His characters have struck a nerve with Twitter users, who have been chatty about the commercials. Out of the more than 125,000 times Rob's been tweeted in the past month, the majority of them have been about his ads.

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"The Rob Lowe DirecTV ads have connected with audiences whether they enjoy them or not," Adweek's Michelle Castillo told ET. "Even when audiences seem to be getting tired of it and annoyed it is still bringing out social media chatter so it can work for quite some time."

Watch the video for a sneak peek at another ad that's in the works, featuring a new character, "Poor Decision Rob Lowe."