Bill Clinton On Life as a Grandfather: 'There Are More Moving Parts'

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Bill Clinton
sat down with chef and talk show host Rachael Ray during a Thursday appearance on her namesake show, answering questions from the audience and gushing about his daughter Chelsea's four-month-old child Charlotte.

"She's becoming louder," Clinton told Ray. "For the longest time, she didn't laugh or cry...Now, she's kind of moving to music. She'll laugh. She'll cry a little bit if she gets upset.”

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The 68-year-old former president famously played his saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show, displaying his love for music while on the campaign trail in 1992. Although he’s been pretty busy over the last two decades, Clinton said that his new role as grandfather has inspired him to return to his passion.

"I've actually resolved this year to start playing my horn again,” he said. “I want to play to my granddaughter."

Even though the 42nd president led the free world from 1992-2000, he’s not above diaper duty.

"I'd be happy to change diapers," he laughed. "But today, you gotta put all that anti-chafing stuff on their rear. There are more moving parts than there were when I was a dad."

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Asked about having another president in the family, Clinton called wife Hillary’s plans to run in 2016 "a serious decision for the country and the world."

"I love my wife," he told Ray. "Whatever she wants to do, I'm for. I think it'd be good for the country, because she's the ablest person I've ever worked with. If she decided not to do it, I'd give her the Bucket List and we'd go check 'em off."

When asked by an audience member what advice he would give to himself looking back, Clinton answered that he would have taken better care of his health.

"I would have started exercising regularly earlier," he said, adding that his favorite exercise is walking his dogs. "I would have been more careful about what I ate earlier."

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