'How to Get Away With Murder' Star on Big Return: 'Answers Are Coming'

Breakout star Alfred Enoch tells ET's Nancy O'Dell about sharing show spoilers on the bus.

Alfred Enoch is one of the breakout stars of Shonda Rhimes’ new hit drama How to Get Away With Murder, but in Los Angeles, he's still riding the bus!

"I got told by pretty much everyone I knew that, if I'm going to be out in L.A., working, you need a car," he told ET’s Nancy O’Dell on Thursday. "So I was thinking I’m going to try and not get a car, just because I’m a contrarian that way."

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Enoch admits that he uses his character Wes’ American accent while using L.A.'s public transit, which doesn’t help him avoid HTGAWM fans looking for spoilers.

"I had a really long conversation with a guy who was really excited about it and trying to figure out what was going on," he says. "I said 'Do you enjoy the show? You seem to.' He was like, 'Yeah I love it!' So I said 'You don’t want me to tell you what happens, that’s part of the fun of it.'"

Enoch does reveal some spoilers to O’Dell about the rest of the legal drama’s freshman season, including when the audience will find out more about the murder of Lila Stangard, the sorority girl who was having an affair with law professor Annalise Keating's now-dead husband Sam.

"That will be revealed in the second half of the season," he admits. "So that’s coming, answers are coming."

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Grilled for details on tonight’s midseason premiere, Enoch confesses, "We find out a bit more about what exactly Viola Davis’ character, Annalise Keating, knows about the night of the murder. We see exactly how involved she is."

When asked about the sexual tension between and Annalise and his character, Enoch does his best to keep the secrets of Shondaland.

"She’s a very beautiful woman," he says, but demurs when asked if his character will ever hook up with the complicated professor. "I don’t know, honestly. It’s a very strange relationship and there’s a lot to it."

"I think there’s something maternal about her protection of him that we see in the ninth episode and going forward, the lengths that she goes to look out for him and the other students," Enoch reveals. "I would be surprised, should that occur, but the show is full of surprises."

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