OMG T.G.I.T.! The Jaw-Dropping Moments From 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal' and 'HTGAWM'


Shonda Rhimes’ trio of jaw-dropping dramas returned Thursday night, with enough earth-shattering moments to keep us glued to the couch for three straight hours.

Here's a look at the most OMG moments from the latest episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder.


The OMG Moment

Baby mama drama! April and Jackson spent the episode freaking out over their baby’s osteogenesis imperfecta diagnosis, but when the two were finally able to have a moment together, April revealed her bittersweet news: It’s a boy!

The Reactions

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The OMG Moment

It was all staged! The reporter being held captive with Olivia wasn’t killed by their kidnappers, he was behind the whole thing! And now he knows about Fitz!

The Reactions

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The OMG Moment

Sister Act! Annalise may have convinced the rest of the group to go along with Wes’ story and not confess their "innocence," but we’ve got a new player in the game! At the end of the episode, Connor calls his professor to tell her that Sam’s sister is protesting her brother’s innocence at the police station. Annalise’s reaction makes it clear that Marcia Gay Harden’s character is about to make things a lot more complicated.

The Reactions

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