'The 100' Sneak Peek: Murphy Meets a Mysterious Woman - Is She His Saving Grace?

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Oh City of Light, what hath you wrought?

This week’s brand-new episode of The 100 picks up with Murphy (Richard Harmon) and the rest of the group blindly following Jaha (Isaiah Washington) in the middle of their dangerous journey to the Promised Land. “What they’ll find won’t be what they expect, let’s just say that,” executive producer Jason Rothenberg forewarned. “All 12 won’t make it to the end of the light.”

In ETonline’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s hour, titled “Rubicon,” Murphy and Jaha encounter a mysterious stranger in the middle of the burning-hot desert. Straight away, there’s an undeniable connection between Murphy and the woman, who offers to help them get to the City of Light – but warns that it may be far more treacherous of a ride than they previously thought. After all, she says she lost her brother on the same journey.

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But who exactly is she? Details of her character are under lock and key, but we can tell you her identity: Emori, played by Luisa D’Oliveira.

Harmon tells ETonline that Emori may be what Murphy needs. “The interesting thing with this episode for my character is going to be seeing a different side of Murphy that this person pulls out in him, undoubtedly,” he teases.

Harmon adds, “It’s a different sort of Murphy coming up. Look at everything Murphy has been – he’s been loud, he’s been aggressive, he’s been angry, he’s been all these things. This person kind of brings him down a little bit, not in a sad way but kind of calms him.” Color us intrigued.

Need more scoop? We asked Harmon to dive deep into The 100 mythology!

Murphy finds himself on an interesting path with Jaha as they continue on their City of Light mission. Has it been fun for you to set off on this ride?

Richard Harmon:
Absolutely! I remember reading [the script] for the first time and I thought, “That’s interesting. I get to work with someone I never thought I’d get a chance to work with.” The funny thing was he predicted it. Isaiah and I ran into each other at the airport at the beginning of the season, and he was like, “We’re going to work together, man.” He kept telling [the writers] to put us together and they eventually did. It was exciting to work with new people, see a new world with the desert and really go on this journey – it’s been one of, if not my favorite, storylines on the show.

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We’ve gotten hints that the City of Light isn’t what the group may be expecting or hoping for. Anything you can divulge?

: Oh yeah, they’re definitely not sure what it is.

What’s that trek like?

Harrowing. They’re going through the heat, they’re very low on supplies, they’re being tested every step of the way. You’ll be surprised by how Murphy keeps it together over a lot of other people. He does a really good job of being patient with everybody, which is a side of Murphy we haven’t seen before.

Is he the one with the level head in this group?

I think so. I never thought of it that way before. Here’s the thing, Murphy rides the line of agreeing with Jaha but also plays the foil to him and is keeping him in line and not letting him get enveloped by his mission of faith. Murphy keeps it logical, which is interesting since Murphy’s been the hothead.

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Now that Jaha and Murphy are partners, how has their dynamic changed?

Going forward, it’s one of the best relationships on the show. They should hate each other – Murphy definitely hates him and Jaha sees something in Murphy, I don’t know what it is. In my opinion, I’d call it a friendship – the two of them are funny together. I think that has a lot to do with me and Isaiah enjoying working with one another. I’ve found in takes that we’ll start laughing at one another as ourselves and I’m sure they make it into the [episodes].

We’re past the halfway point now in the season, and we’re slowly marching toward the big climactic battle and the planned Mouth Weather rescue. How bloody and deadly are things getting?

(Laughs.) You know our show well. I think I can say without getting in too much trouble that there’s going to be a lot of blood on a lot of hands. But that’s to be expected. I think the more important thing isn’t the blood spilled, it’s going to be the consequences of that blood for the people who spilled it. That’s going to be what’s different about going toward the end of the season – seeing the toll that has been taken on all these people who you’ve loved and have them see that maybe Murphy wasn’t so off, that maybe he just got to where everybody else was a little quicker.

Finn’s death was quite a twist. Are the coming deaths up to that level?

That’s a hard death to beat. What we’re coming to on the show is we can’t keep trying to one-up every death. We have to understand now the importance of death. Death isn’t a gimmick, it’s not a character you loved or a character you tweeted about constantly or that you ‘shipped with someone is now dead. That’s not the problem. The problem is that there are consequences with someone dying, no matter who it is. I think we do a good job of that in season two going forward.

We know not everyone’s going to make it to the City of Light. Give us a tease!

The numbers are definitely dwindling by the end – and by different ways. Some of it won’t be by death. There are a lot of different tests that they all go through, and not everyone is going to make it through every single one of them.

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