Move Over Don Draper - 'Better Call Saul' Has the Best Dressed Man on TV!


Don Draper, Barney Stinson and now, Howard Hamlin.

Better Call Saul has proven to be a juggernaut in the ratings, and now it's providing men everywhere with their newest fashion icon. On the AMC drama, Patrick Fabian plays Howard Hamlin, the rich, well-dressed lawyer with a smile so perfect you can practically hear the "ping" when you look at his photograph. Basically, Howard is everything that Bob Odenkirk's character, Jimmy McGill, aspires to be.

In episode four of the Breaking Bad prequel, fans were delighted to watch Jimmy use his large sum of hush-money to transform his wardroom from desperate and dingy into a dead-on doppelganger of Hamlin, complete with real mother-of-pearl buttons — none of that "fake plastic crap."

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So what does it take to transform into Albuquerque's most successful and well-dressed lawyer? "All credit goes to Jennifer Bryan," Fabian confessed to ETonline. "She is our costume designer and from the word go she was like,' Oh, I'm going to make you look good.'"

"She put me in the finest Italian suits I've ever had on my body," the 50-year-old actor gushed like a kid in a candy store. "Even the tie bars and the knit ties -- which I was sort of suspect about at first, but that's only because I was coming at it as a person with no fashion sense and lives in Los Angeles – were amazing."

"[Jennifer] did half my work for me," Fabian explained, "I go into work and I put on those suits and I'm half way there when I need to become Hamlin."

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Not only is Hamlin dressed in the finest duds, fans also discovered that his firm has trademarked their own signature color: Hamlindigo blue.

"By the way the internet already put out a pallet [of Hamlindigo blue] and it as the funniest thing in the world," Fabian laughed. "As if you went to a paint store, somebody made a little card and sent it to me already with Hamlinigo blue. Maybe my tombstone will be painted Hamlindogo blue."

It's clear that there is some strong animosity between Jimmy and Howard, and according to Fabian, Better Call Saul will reveal the catalyst of their conflict in due time. "In Howard's case, even in four episode into it, what I've seen is 'Oh [Howard is] an A-hole, he's this, he's smarmy and he's that,' but in reality, he hasn't really done anything."

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The Better Call Saul star continued, "Now Jimmy on the other hand, he's called me Lord Vader, and he certainly has an ax to grind with me, and so there may be something that will be revealed that justifies that animosity that he is giving."

"But really, from the four episodes we've seen, Howard hasn't done anything other than be rich, smart and have a nice smile," Fabian said. "And of course have some great suits, which his reason enough to hate him."

Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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