'Suits' Finale: Is Donna Rethinking Her Future With Harvey? Sarah Rafferty Tells All!


Who knew one conversation would change everything?

USA Network’s slick law drama Suits wraps up its fourth season with one heck of a finale tonight, but we’re still swooning over Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) declaration to Donna (Sarah Rafferty) – who was thisclose to spending her best years behind bars for fraud. After celebrating their close call with a glass of wine, Harvey admitted her opinion was the one that mattered most.

Then, the kicker: “You know I love you, Donna.”

It’s a big moment for the two Pearson Specter Litt colleagues, but don’t expect them to become a romantic item as a result. In fact, a major point of conflict in the finale is the aftermath of Harvey’s unplanned truth bomb.

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“It’s hard to know what would be a step forward for them. They’ve always had a unique intimacy and affection and respect and possibly love for each other,” Rafferty tells ETonline. “I don’t know if this is necessarily news to either of them, as much as it is now that it’s out on the table, it needs to be managed in a professional way.”

If anything, Donna’s legal fiasco prompts her to re-evaluate her life and leave no stone unturned.

“When you’re put through a situation that’s traumatic like that, it makes one take stock of their life. It brings a lot of situations in her life into relief,” she says. “And she’ll have an opportunity to reflect on that and maybe make some adjustments in her life.”

Hence, why she chooses to confront Harvey about his pronouncement at the firm (can you blame her?!).

“She’s definitely not going to let that go,” Rafferty says. “That’s something that absolutely has to be addressed in order for her to figure out how she’s going to move on in a professional capacity at the firm and personally with Harvey. ‘You said it. We need to be adults and address it head on.’ That’s the way Donna is with anything emotional.”

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Harvey and Donna’s history dates back years, and we’ll even see their first meeting 12 years ago in tonight’s episode. As Rafferty hints, it’s a doozy of a first impression.

“[That first meeting] really helps tell the story of the Donna and Harvey [arc] in present day,” she adds. “It was really fun to play that as we were playing some of the heavier stuff going on. It was fun to see how that informed why the characters are behaving the way they are in present day.”

With the final season-four episode approaching, Rafferty warns viewers of a monumental, game-changing move that sets up season five.

“It wouldn’t be a Suits finale without a dynamic shift taking place,” she warns. “Season four has really taken on the personal dynamics on a new level and this finale might a bit of an emotional rollercoaster in that way. There are moments that lift you up and one or two that hit you in the gut.”

As for how things are left at the end of the finale, Rafferty admits to being “surprised” and “pretty gob-smacked” at the season-ending shift. “I’ll be very intrigued to see the [fans’] reactions – that’s for sure!”

airs its season finale Wednesday at 10 p.m. on USA.