'Once Upon a Time' Sneak Peak: The Queens of Darkness Want to Destroy The Charming Family!

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Welcome back, fairy tale fans!

After answering 22 of your most enchanting questions about the second half of season four, we at ETonline still have plenty of scoop to spill in anticipation of Sunday's spell-binding hour of Once Upon a Time. (You can send all gifts of gratitude to the ET studios in L.A.)

We caught up with co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis to find out more about the dark secrets your favorite characters are hiding, and how the truth could tear relationships apart. Plus, we called up Kristin Bauer van Straten -- aka the terrifyingly wonderful Maleficent -- to uncover her jaw-dropping connection to the Charming family.

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"There is a very surprising history," Bauer van Straten spilled to ETonline when asked about Maleficent's ties to Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin). "The theme of this season is that many of the characters are playing with that slippery slope between good and evil."

And speaking of evil, ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek at what happens when the Queens of Darkness invade the Charming household! Take a look at the tension-filled first look above to see if you can figure out why Maleficent is hellbent on destroying Snow's happily ever after.


Not only will the Charming Family secret be revealed by the end of Sunday's episode, fans of a certain friendship will be treated to a confession scene that is heartwarming, jaw-dropping and tear-jerking all at the same time. (So yes, tissues are a must)

However, Horowitz warns that Snow's confession is merely the "tip of the iceberg," and that this revelation will subsequently alter the way you classify what makes a hero and what makes a villain. "Our hope is that by the time everything is revealed, you’ll see it really informs who they were in season one when you met them," he said.

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Fans were shocked at the end of last week's episode to discover that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) has a heart with the "greatest potential for darkness." So what does this wicked epiphany mean for our savior moving forward?

"I think Emma is going to have to confront her past in a lot of different ways," Kitsis explained. "She’s done a lot of growing over three and a half seasons. [But] what happens when you find out the person who was helping you grow might actually be just as bad as the people you were trying to get away from?"

For those of you who are worried that Emma will switch over to the darkside, Horowitz teased what this side-switching would do for her newly-controlled magic: "It's less about what those powers are, and more about how those powers are used," he said.

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Now that two of our Queens of Darkness have crossed the town lines into Storybrooke, it's time to prepare for the resurrection of everyone's favorite fiery foe: Maleficent. (Oh come on, that's not a spoiler -- we all knew it was going to happen, we're just not spilling how it happens.)

Bauer van Straten revealed that she was beyond thrilled to be asked back to the series, and the addition of working with the other QoDs was "absolutely and totally delicious."


"Each Queen has secrets, and each person has a goal," she explained. "All of these evil characters -- these villains -- try to form alliances to go after common goals, but they won't even tell each other what their personal goal is, so as you can imagine, it's very fun."

As for her quest for revenge, Bauer van Straten spilled that our lead villainess will do whatever it takes to steal back her happy ending. "I don't think that Maleficent has any limits whatsoever," she said.

Once Upon a Time
airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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