Dream Casting: 12 Former Action Stars We'd Love to See in 'The Expendables' TV Series


The explosive, action-packed world of The Expendables may be making its way to television, giving a score of former TV action stars a shot at career redemption.

According to Deadline, Sylvester Stallone, creator and star of The Expendables film franchise, is developing a spin-off series with Fox. Which raises the biggest question of all: Who will star in this wild ride?

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Combing through the annals of action TV shows, we've compiled our dream list of former stars who could be called upon to take up arms once more and kick ass on our television screens.

1. Chuck Norris

If Norris isn't part of this, the world officially makes no sense. Sure, he and Stallone had their public differences after The Expendables 2, but the former Walker, Texas Ranger star is the perfect choice to bridge the gap between the film series and the small screen series.

2. Bruce Campbell

Campbell is one of the most beloved indie action and horror actors in Hollywood, and he's proven himself more than capable of anchoring an action series after his incredibly entertaining run on USA's action spy show Burn Notice.

3. Richard Dean Anderson

He was MacGyver for goodness sake! Also, with his role on Stargate SG1 he's proven his ability to lead a TV show adapted from an action film.

4. David Hasselhoff

You couldn’t keep the Hoff from appearing in The Expendables TV series. Even if they didn't cast him, he'd still just show up in it somehow.

5. Lee Majors

Sure he's in his 70s, but so is Harrison Ford, and he's still reprising all his old roles. Majors was the six-million dollar man! There is just an endless well of quips and in-jokes that could be made by including him.

6. Kevin Sorbo

Have you seen Kevin Sorbo recently? The guy is still ripped! Plus, once you're Hercules, you're Hercules forever. Just ask Ryan Gosling.

7. Charlie Hunnam

Sure, Charlie's career is actually in its prime right now, but The Expendables need young blood too. Just like Jason Statham and Kellan Lutz in the film franchise, Hunnam could be their big-name draw. Also, we all just really want to see him back on our televisions.

8. Lucy Lawless

Xena: Warrior Princess is still most people's guilty pleasure shows from the 1990s, and Lawless is just as awesome as ever. Besides, The Expendables could use a badass female hero to keep the whole thing from just being a sad, macho mess.

9. David Boreanaz

Bones just got renewed for a tenth season, but how much life does that series have left in it? With Buffy, Angel, and Bones under his belt, he can clearly pull off the tough-guy bravado The Expendables needs.

10. Tom Selleck

It would be great to see Tom Selleck and his moustache reunite with his Hawaiian shirt and red Ferrari from Magnum P.I. If this new action series had any real guts, they would just make the character Thomas Magnum and set the whole thing in Hawaii.

11. William Shatner

Shatner just makes everything more fun. He's got the action pedigree from his years on Star Trek and T.J. Hooker, and he won a Golden Globe for Boston Legal because he's amazing.

12. Mr. T


There are a whole host of other names we would love to see on the list, but they are far beyond the realm of possibility. Mark Harmon and Scott Bakula would be incredible, but there's no way they are leaving the massively successful NCIS franchise.

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Also, Alias' Jennifer Garner and Dark Angel's Jessica Alba are busy working on movies or whatever.

According to stars of The Expendables film series, they have a little dream casting of their own for the fourth installment in the franchise: Justin Bieber. Check out the video below to hear why the 21-year-old pop star would make the perfect addition to the world of The Expendables.

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