'The 100' Boss Answers Your Biggest Finale Questions!


Will Clarke be able to save her people on The 100?

After Lexa’s shocking and heartbreaking betrayal, Clarke finds herself between a rock and a hard place: How can she get her people out of Mount Weather without sacrificing the innocent? Will Murphy and Jaha reach the City of Light they’ve so desperately been seeking?

To say it’s a jaw-dropping hour doesn’t do it justice. We were lucky enough to see the episode early and trust us: just when you think know where it’s headed, things turn on a dime.

To get answers ahead of Wednesday’s season finale, we put executive producer Jason Rothenberg on the hot seat!

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Jason Rothenberg:
I can say they that they have scenes in the episode, which is more than they have had – at least being in the same physical space – in quite a while, since episode nine when Bellamy was sent on his mission. Their reunion is not as emotional as it was in episode five. Obviously they’ve got huge, huge problems that they have to overcome before they’re able to let down their hair and be themselves or worry about anything other than saving their people. But isn’t that always the case?

She’s devastated by it. On a purely goal level, her goal, which is to save her people, has just been made infinitely more difficult, if not impossible. And she was developing a deep relationship with this woman romantic and otherwise. She was definitely inspired by her. She had been, on some level, mentored by her on the art of leadership. She chose a different path by the end of the season, which was obvious by the end of episode 14. But they’d become friends and they’d inspired each other. So that was a huge, huge loss for Clarke as Eliza [Taylor]’s face showed at the end of Act 5 [in the last episode].

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The alliance is over. It’s done. Essentially Lexa took a better deal to save her people and left the Arkers, the Sky People to die. That’s sort of what happened in the last episode. There is no longer, as we stand today for the finale, an alliance. Going forward that’ll have huge implications and ramifications.

Rothenberg: In the finale, we will not get more Clexa. Sorry! But, Lexa is not dead. (Note: Considering Lexa’s portrayer Alycia Debnam Carey is going to star in AMC’s Walking Dead companion series, we’re not counting on a Clexa reunion any time soon.)

That’s kind of spoiler-y. I’m not sure that’s a question that I want to answer today. Suffice to say, people will both be satisfied and devastated at the end of this and I think intrigued by where we’re going next year.

There will be a body count. It will be high, but I won’t spoil the who of it all.

Watch a sneak peek from the finale, "Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two," below.

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