Former 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Thinks 'Bachelorette' Twist Is a 'Trainwreck'


The former contestant penned a blog post slamming the dating competition's big announcement.

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe is not a fan of the Bachelorette twist.

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On his personal blog, hosted on Christian website Patheos, the former dating show contestant penned a blog post Tuesday titled "Three Reasons Why Having 2 Women on The Bachelorette Should Never Happen," criticizing ABC’s tweak to the format.

"As much as I love the guys over there, I feel like I need to speak out about the development revealed last night by Chris Harrison," Lowe wrote, referencing the decision by producers to choose two former Bachelor contestants to be co-Bachelorettes for the 11th season.

At the end of the first episode, the show's male suitors will vote on who should stay on as the official Bachelorette. Lowe spoke from experience when he criticized the production choice.

"The first night only allows for very brief conversations, and it’s really hard to get to know anyone in that amount of time," Lowe wrote. "Basically, the guys will be left to choose based on looks for the most part."

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Lowe, like many fans who spoke out on social media, felt that the idea of the male contestants getting the decision-making power on the female-driven Bachelorette is a misguided move on the part of the show's producers.

"It’s downright degrading for the women – for the two chosen and the women watching at home," the former Bachelor wrote. "This move transfers the power back to the men on the show specifically designed for the women."

Lowe holds no ill will towards the show that gave him notoriety and introduced him to his now-wife Catherine, but feels that this latest "ratings ploy" flies in the face of what The Bachelor (and Bachelorette) is supposed to stand for.

"I’ve always said the people who put on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette believe in true love and have given the show and it’s producers a lot of credit," said Lowe. "They’re able to produce crazy dramatic episodes all while genuinely hoping the bachelor/ette finds love. This latest development just doesn’t support that 'finding true love' part."

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