EXCLUSIVE: 'Pretty Little Liars' Boss Talks Big 'A' Reveal: 'Oh My God - 'A' Has a Soul!'

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After half a decade of waiting, Pretty Little Liars' season five finale is just a day away, which means it's time to get ready up for the "biggest reveal" in the series' history!

"I think we're going to break Twitter all night long," PLL's executive producer Marlene King spilled exclusively to ETonline. "This is an episode that's not just shocking and action-packed and scary as hell -- it's demented and emotional."

"I just think there are many, many things that are going to feel new to our fans, and that's what's so exciting about it," King continued. "It's the most important episode we've done so far so. It's just balls out, and a really fun, new, and interesting direction for the show."

For more exclusive details on Tuesday's "Big A Reveal," the terrifying mysteries of 'A's dollhouse, and the motives behind 'A's devious deeds, take a look at our season five finale Q&A with King below.

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What can you tease to fans about this mysterious dollhouse?
MK: I can say that the entire episode, which is called, "Welcome to the Dollhouse," was inspired by 'A's idea of playing with his dolls and in 'A's dollhouse. It gave us an interesting idea, and I will say that this episode is unlike anything you have ever seen -- not just on Pretty Little Liars but on television period.

Pretty Little Liars is known for their jaw-dropping finales, how does episode finale stack up to the others?
MK: I think that it's our most sophisticated, most ambitious, and by far the most edgy episode to date.

The phrase, "Big A Reveal" can be taken two different ways. Will fans be learning the entire identity of 'A' or just one part of the answer?
MK: It's such a hard question to answer. If I were talking to you after the episode, it's very easy to explain it because it will make sense. I don’t want to sound cagey because I don’t want to make the fans thinks we're not giving them this massive reveal. It is the biggest reveal we’ve ever given so far. In so many ways you will know who this person is, but I will just say there is a little bit more story left to tell after the episode -- not a lot of story, but a little bit.

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Is this going to be a reveal that we learn along with the Liars, or will this be a Ezra-type situation where only the audience knows?
MK: No, the girls discover it. The girls bring us the information.

It seems like every single shocker of the series has always centered on the DiLaurentis family. How many secrets are hiding in the DiLaurentis household?
MK: It's so interesting that you say that because I always say there are two roads in Rosewood: One always leads to Radley and one always leads to Alison. And so it can go one of two ways in every finale.

It was a year ago that we lost Mrs. DiLaurentis. Do you think that this season finale is going to top that shocker?
MK: I think [the season five finale] is a shock and a revelation -- that was just a shock. Even when looking at it now, even though I've seen it so many times, there's this one specific scene -- and in hindsight fans will know exactly what I'm talking about. You feel like you're just lighting that fuse and that fuse is going to reach that time bomb soon and it's that kind of revelation -- It's just really exciting. There's a line and I'll tell you what it is -- it's a spoiler and I don’t think we've told this line to anyone. A certain character in this finale says something like, "Oh my God, 'A' has a soul." That to me tells us yes we're ramping up to the end of this story -- but it's not just pulling off the mask of 'A', it's really finding out that 'A' is human too and 'A' has a soul like anyone else.

Pretty Little Liars' season five finale airs Tuesday, March 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. And for more Rosewood fun, Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fifth Season will be available on DVD on June 2.

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