'Arrow' Star on Diggle & Lyla's Wedding: Their Honeymoon 'Won't Last for Long'


The Suicide Squad is back and fiercer than ever.

Everyone’s favorite motley crew of villains and troublemakers returns to Arrow for another round of dangerous crime-fighting, but this time they’re crashing Diggle and Lyla’s “I do’s”!

“The wedding is going to be as traditional a ceremony as you can get on Arrow,” star David Ramsey tells ETonline of Diggle and Lyla’s upcoming nuptials. “But like the writers and producers have always said, when something pleasant has happened and our characters are in a happy place, rest assured, it won’t last for long.”

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“The wedding and Suicide Squad in the same episode – it can’t be too much of a honeymoon, I’ll give you that!” he adds.

Now, Diggle and Lyla’s wedding goes off without a hitch with Oliver as best man – and Felicitycatching the bouquet. “I was very, very happy about Felicity catching the bouquet, mainly so I could see what Twitter would do when that episode airs,” executive producer/Tumblr pro Marc Guggenheim tells ETonline. But the happy couple's honeymoon gets interrupted when Deadshot seeks out their help to complete A.R.G.U.S.’ latest rescue mission. That’s when the newlyweds come face to face with the Suicide Squad, complete with new member in tow: Cupid (Amy Gumenick).

“Cupid is bananas. She’s wacko,” Ramsey says of the squad’s latest addition, whom viewers were first introduced in November. “I think they had her in the script even wackier than Harley Quinn.”

What will be most intriguing for fans will be the group’s new dynamic, most notably Cupid’s interactions with Diggle’s former archnemesis.

“The relationship she has with Michael Rowe, who plays Deadshot, is fantastic,” Ramsey hints, adding that Cupid – who quickly became a favorite – has zingers that will make fans love her even more.

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But with Diggle and Lyla’s allegiances to Team Arrow and A.R.G.U.S., respectively, their competing loyalties take a toll on the couple’s wedded bliss.

“We’re going to get into the fact that his to-be wife Lyla Michaels is an agent for that group, and consequently, Diggle periodically becomes a surrogate agent for A.R.G.U.S.,” Ramsey says. “This isn’t exactly a marriage made in heaven, but there’s always a larger goal.”

How Diggle reconciles that remains an ongoing process, one Ramsey says will continue to be explored for the rest of the season and beyond.

“It’s a work-in-progress,” he says. “It’s a difficult balance and it’s not one that’s settled. He’s not settled in what he’s doing with A.R.G.U.S.”

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“In the first Suicide Squad episode, Lyla made some interesting points about that: ‘They do it a certain way and we do it a certain way.’ But we’re still achieving the same goal. There are plenty of people like the Starling City Police Department and Captain Lance, who wouldn’t agree with either of our methods. So who’s to say who’s right?” Ramsey continues.

Teaming up with the Suicide Squad may not be an ideal partnership for Diggle, but there could be a silver lining.

“That’s his struggle because Diggle does see things in black and white. He does see that Oliver and his quest for saving Starling City and the methods they use are for the greater good,” Ramsey says. “He’s going to learn how to see life more in the gray.”

And here’s something of a nugget, Diggle and Lyla’s wedding may not be the only ceremony we’ll see this season.

“It may not even be the only wedding you’ll see this year,” Guggenheim hints.

Color us intrigued!

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