'Chasing Life' Postmortem: Italia Ricci Reflects on April and Leo's 'Impulsive' Proposal

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Tonight's Chasing Life spring finale was by far the most emotional hour of the series, but at least it brought us a (semi) happy ending!

ETonline called up start Italia Ricci to get the inside scoop on April and Leo's (Scott Michael Foster) impromptu proposal, and why saying "yes" could be the motivation April needs to beat her leukemia -- again.

"I think it's at that impulsive high, you know?" Ricci said of Leo's spontaneous wedding proposal in April's hospital room. "Like, 'Oh my gosh this is crazy and this is so exciting!'"

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ABC Family

Despite the swoon-worthy moment, Ricci does not necessarily think that this was the right time for April to get engaged. "It's something that maybe -- I personally don’t know I'm just sort of speculating here -- but maybe it's not the right decision," the actress explained. "It's a decision that's keeping her distracted. It's somewhere she can put her worry and her energy as opposed to back into whether or not she's going to survive chemo."

"Everybody needs something to hold onto and whether that's a concert you want to make it to in a month that you really want to see, or whatever -- there's something you need to keep your eyes on to get through the tough times," she revealed.

Now that April no longer has her job at the newspaper, she's missing the light at the end of the tunnel-type of motivation that is mentally necessary when going through something as difficult and daunting as chemo.

"And now that what she held onto before -- which is her job -- is not around anymore maybe this is the push she is going to need to get through it," Ricci explained.

Are you happy that April and Leo are engaged? What did you think of the Chasing Life finale? Sound off in the comments below!

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