Comedy Central Stars Share the Controversial Scenes They're Surprised They Got Away With

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Comedy Central knows a thing or two about pushing boundaries for a good laugh. It seems as though you can get away with pretty much anything on the network -- and that's why we love their shows!

ETonline recently caught up with the stars of some of the network's biggest shows to find out the moment they are most surprised made it on air.

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: "Unburnable Flags"

Whether it's Adam Devine tucking his anatomy between his legs or tripping out at a baby shower, the Workaholics gang have done some pretty depraved things. "Every episode I'm like, 'How are they letting us do this?'" Devine admitted. "We wanted to build an unburnable American flag so in order to do so we had to burn like 200 American flags. You would think people would have a problem with that but Comedy Central is like, 'Keep it coming!'"

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Key and Peele
: "Auction Block"

The sketch Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are most surprised they got past Comedy Central is their satiric take on two slaves struggling to get off the auction block. "The leadership [at Comedy Central] want the artists to do what they do," Key said about the network's hands-off approach. "You always feel like they're trying to do the best thing for the artist that are on the network." Peele added, "And they realize that we are way funnier than they are."

: "Forrest Reviews an Orgy"

In Review, comedian Andy Daly plays critic Forrest MacNeil who reviews real-life experiences like addiction, racism and sleeping with a celebrity. "I'm constantly surprised by the things we get away with," Daly said. "I mean, we had an orgy! Forrest reviewed an orgy!" While Comedy Central had a few notes to the explicit scene, Daly explained they were for the most part pretty lenient. "I think Comedy Central has just been saying, 'Let's find really hilarious people and let people be funny in their own way."


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