'Mad Men' Cheat Sheet: What to Remember Before Watching the Final 7 Episodes!


Mad Men is returning this Sunday for their final seven episodes.

While we're thrilled to be reunited with Don (Jon Hamm), Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and the rest of our favorites at Sterling Cooper & Partners, the lingering haze from drinking Old Fashioneds with each episode has made our memories a little fuzzy to the details. (Don't judge -- we were just fitting in with the times!)

To help get you prepared for the end of an era, we at ETonline have come up with the ultimate Mad Men Cheat Sheet to refresh your memory of where we left off before you freshen up your next drink.

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Don Draper: After trying (and failing) to make his bi-costal relationship with Megan (Jessica Pare) -- his second wife-turned-actress -- work, Don focused all of his attention on putting his head down and humbly climbing his way back into the good graces of his fellow partners at Sterling Cooper. Despite nearly getting pushed out of the company for good by Jim Cutler (Harry Hamlin), Roger (John Slattery) made a deal with McCann Erickson to sell 51% of the Sterling Cooper as an independent subsidiary with the firm stipulation that Don remain a part of the company as a partner.

Peggy Olson: Our wildly ambitious former secretary spent the majority of last year's season alone, unhappy, and frustrated with the new Head of Creative, aka the horribly condescending Lou Avery (Allan Havey). When Don returned back to work as a lowly copywriter, he and Peggy rekindled their friendship flame and together they created a home-run pitch for their newest client: Burger Chef.

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Betty Francis: Like Peggy, Betty (January Jones) spent most of the season's first seven episodes unhappy and frustrated with both Sally's (Kiernan Shipka) teenage attitude and her husband's dismissive behavior. When Betty voiced her opinion on the Vietnam War at a dinner party, Henry (Christopher Stanley) later told her to limit conversations to "how much you hate getting toast crumbs in the butter." Harsh.

Megan Draper: While living in California, Megan truly began to flourish and thrive as a popular, successful and independent woman. It's was clear that whenever Don came to visit his young wife, he did not fit in and often acted uncomfortable around her new circle of acting friends. (Including that time when Megan gave Don a threesome!) Once Don finally came clean about the truth behind his leave of absence, Megan was furious at his lies and by the end of the seven episodes it was clear that she did not want Don to come back to California.

Sally Draper: Like all teenagers, Sally spent the majority of the last season in her agnsty "I hate the world – especially my mother" phase. When she was sent home from boarding school with what seemed to be a broken nose, (she was "sword-fighting with golf clubs"), Betty was absolutely furious at Sally would be so reckless with her beauty. While her relationship with his mother was strained, Sally and don reached a new understanding with one another when Don confided in her about his work troubles. The last time we saw Sally, she was sharing a smooch with Betty's friend's son out in the backyard under the stars.

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Joan Harris: TV's most sultry red-head had quite the year when we last saw her. When Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton) began to feel overwhelmed with all of his head of accounts duties, so he enlisted Joan to help take over some of his responsibilities and, like the trajectory of her career, she moved her office upstairs. Bob Benson (James Wolk) returned to town and Joan was excited to see her old friend, but was floored when he proposed to her so he could give off of the guise as a "family man" in the workplace. She swiftly turned him down saying that she would rather die hoping for love, than agreeing to marry someone that she could never love.

Roger Sterling: And the Best Friend of the Year award goes to Roger Sterling! Thanks to Roger's unwavering loyalty in last year's season, Don was allowed to come back to Sterling Cooper & Partners. Additionally when some of the partners were trying to push Don out of the company after Bert Cooper's (Robert Morse) death, Roger made a secret deal with McCann Erickson for them to buy 51% of SC&P with the stipulation that Roger, Don, and Ted (Kevin Rahm) each sign five-year contracts. As for his family life, Roger's daughter Margaret (Elizabeth Rice) relinquished her responsibilities as both a wife and a mother to live in a rundown farmhouse where she now calls herself Marigold and appears to dislike bathing.

Pete Campbell: Like Megan, Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) fully embraced California as his new home -- he even got a new tan, new apartment, and new blonde girlfriend to match. However he lost said girlfriend when he ditched their NYC date night so he could confront his estranged wife, Trudy (Alison Brie), when she avoided Pete on the day that he came to visit their daughter. At the agency Pete remained fiercely loyal to Don and supported his return to SC&P without any doubt and was thoroughly supportive of the McCann Erikson merger because the deal would make him filthy rich.

The new season of Mad Men premieres Sunday, April 5 at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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