EXCLUSIVE! 'The Originals' Joseph Morgan Spills on Klaus' Lone Wolf' Love Life

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It's time to reunite with the Mikaelson family!

After far too many weeks of waiting, an all-new episode of The Originals is finally headed our way tonight and ETonline has the inside scoop on what's ahead from the most vicious vampire on TV. And, after months of worried whispers, the dreaded arrival of Dahlia is finally here, and Joseph Morgan promised his aunt's wicked debut will definitely be worth the wait.

 "That was a tricky piece of casting to get right because she was built up like Klaus was when he came into Vamprie Diaries," the actor revealed to ETonline. "She was built up for so many episodes -- "'Dahlia is coming… Dahlia is coming… Fear Dahlia.'"

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Like all of the characters on The Originals, Dahlia is not going to just be a one-dimensional shade of evil – she is going to be a multifaceted character. "We learn more about to her to the point where we start to see her motives, and it gets to the point that you're confused as to who to root for," Morgan explained. "I think that's the interesting thing about the show -- they really like to muddy who to root for and who are the heroes and who are the villains."

It's because of this complex writing that Morgan is still discovering new layers to Klaus as each new script of The Originals arrives -- even after playing the same character for more than five years. "It's been thrilling for me to play Klaus for this long and to know that I have another season at least with him," he said. "The idea when I first started playing this character that he would be able to evolve like that and that he would have so many levels and still have stuff to discover is really exciting to me."

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Although we've loved watching Klaus go from big-bad to proud papa, we can't help but wish that he would finally get his happy ending with a fierce female by his side. "I feel like every time he's offered the opportunity [for romance], he's kind of the one who kind of tears the house down," Morgan spilled. "Nobody is ruining it for him. It's interesting and honestly, I feel like he's only got himself to blame there and that's what interesting about him for me."

The actor continued, "He's kind of this lone wolf. He desperately wants love and he's always wanting love and acceptance, but he can't handle it. He doesn’t know how to emotionally process it and so he ends up lashing out. He really kind of throws tantrums and becomes a child so I don’t know, he's got some emotional growing to do -- and quite frankly, I don’t know who will put up with him."

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One of Klaus' love interests, Caroline, is currently running around Mystic Falls with her humanity switch firmly switched off. So what would Klaus have to say if he found out vampire Barbie was finally embracing her darkest sides? "I think he'd be proud," Morgan said with a laugh.

"I think he would offer some good advice to her. He's familiar with convincing people to turn on and off their humanity -- he got Stefan to turn his off -- and Klaus is no stranger to shutting out feelings is he?" Morgan said. "I think he would probably quite like the idea. I think they would have a lot of fun together and maybe she'd be more suitable for him now."

The Originals airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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