EXCLUSIVE: 'Workaholics' Guys Tease Season 5 Finale, Flashbacks & Dream Guest Stars!

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Let's get weird!

After 66 episodes of drinking, smeeoking, and TelAmeriCorp shenanigans, Workaholics' season five finale airs tonight and it's guaranteed to put all others to shame.

The quirky Comedy Central series has yet to be renewed for a sixth season so there's a possibility that tonight's episode could be our last. (Although we'd be furious if that were the case!)

To help prepare you for the epic hour, ETonline was on set for the season's final day of filming and we caught up with the four stars and creators -- Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck -- to get the exclusive scoop on what's coming up and who their dream guest stars would be for future episodes.

"If this [episode] ends up being the last one, we're going back in time again," Henderson said to ETonline. "Just to get a little bit more history of our characters. We're actually doing our first day at work -- and it's a doozy."

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The flashbacks on Workaholics are always a fan favorite, so what will set this time-jump apart from the others? Adam will be rocking some serious "burns," Blake will be missing his "signature mustache," and Ders will be fresh out of college.

Holm said, "And let's just say the boss is played by Tom Arnold. We've got Tom Arnold in the building people so buckle up!" To which Anderson added, "The best damn guest star. Period."

Speaking of amazing guest stars, season five of Workaholics was the most star-studded one yet. Comedy legends like Ben Stiller and Jack Black stopped by to play their landlord and Adam's father/brother, respectively, and DeVine attributes their A-list line-up to hard work and patience.

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"We don’t have a big producer behind the show, like we don’t have an Amy Poehler or a Judd Apatow or anything like that where they can call their friends. So it's just like us calling people and they're like, 'Who is this? How did you get my number?'" DeVine explained. "But now we've been working a little bit and Kyle is working with Ben Stiller on a project, and I'm working with Jack Black on a project and that's kind of how we got 'em."

If season six does end up happening, the boys have a long list of dream guest stars that they'd like to finally recruit including Kurt Russell, Denzel Washington, and Jeff Bridges.

Although the fate of Workaholics future is still to be determined, season five gave us 13 solid and fully torqued episodes. "It's a really funny season I think if you like Workaholics, you’re going to love this season," DeVine said, "And if you don’t like Workaholics -- rot in hell and die."

Take a look at our full interview with the Workaholics boys above and tune into the season five finale tonight at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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