'Childrens Hospital' Cast on 'Twilight' Fan-Fiction Parody Episode

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Friday night’s episode of Childrens Hospital is going to get fantastically weird!

ETonline caught up with the cast of the two-time Emmy Award winning Adult Swim series at the premiere screening for season six. When asked what’s coming up this season, the cast couldn’t help but gush over the upcoming fan-fiction episode.

“It's as if it were written by a Childrens Hospital super-fan,” said creator Rob Corddry of the episode. “It’s so stupid and poorly written and beautiful because of that.”

One of the greatest elements of the series is perhaps the endless amount of romantic pairings we get to see due to the fact that continuity doesn’t quite matter in the long run.

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“We try and get everyone romantically involved with each other as much as possible,” said executive producer Jonathan Stern. “Several times over the course of the series, we've tried to get Rob Huebel's character and Ken Marino's character together romantically. It's one of the few romantic pairings we couldn't really manipulate until this season.”


Friday night’s Twilight-esque episode will feature a long-awaited romance between Huebel as a sparkling vampire and Marino as a shaggy werewolf.

“The whole thing seems like a Twilight [movie],” said Huebel. “I’m a vampire, Ken’s a werewolf, and we end up fighting, and then we end up f***ing.”

Okay, so maybe not THAT romantic.

You can watch it all unfold in the new episode of Childrens Hospital on Friday at midnight on Adult Swim.

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