ET Reunites With the Casts of 'Ally McBeal', 'Freaks and Geeks' & More at the TV Land Awards!

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This past weekend, some of TV's most beloved casts reunited -- and it felt so good!

The stars of Ally McBeal, The Wonder Years, Freaks and Geeks, and many more small-screen favorites gathered Saturday at the TV Land Awards -- and ET was first in line to chat with all of the night's biggest honorees.

Ally McBeal, which ran on Fox from 1997 to 2002, was honored with the "Groundbreaking Award" thanks to their unprecedented fantasy sequences and quirky characters.

"The one [fantasy sequence] I remember, because I think it was the first real effect, was the tongues rolling out," star Courtney Thorne-Smith recalled. When asked where the fan-favorite "dancing baby" is today, the blonde beauty quipped, "I'm guessing in middle school."

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This event also marked Calista Flockhart's first public appearance since her husband Harrison Ford was seriously injured after crashing his vintage two-seater plane in March. Although the 50-year-old beauty did not address Ford's current health status, she did say a few words when accepting their award.

I have to say what I remember the most are the friendships," Flockhart reminisced on stage while surrounded by her cast. "I'm grateful and happy thank you."

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Also receiving an award at the ceremony was the cast of the short-lived, but beloved series Freaks and Geeks. The NBC dramedy ran for one-season, but has since gathered a cult following thanks to the now-A-list cast and streaming abilities on Netflix.

Freaks and Geeks, which starred Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel and many more famous faces was awarded the "15-Year Award," a title that series executive producer Judd Apatow is not necessarily excited by.

"I don't know what that means because it doesn't really imply it's good. It just implies that it's been fifteen years since it was cancelled," the big screen director spilled to ET on the red carpet. "It's not like the 'Best Show Ever Award'. It's the, 'You've Been Gone For 15 Years Award.'"

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Donny and Marie Osmond also took the stage on Saturday to accept the "Pop Culture Award," and the brother and sister duo were touched receive the honor. "Celebrating over 50 years of show business and getting an award like this, it means a lot," Donny said.

So what has been the secret to Marie's success for all these years? The singer's answer is simply hilarious: "Formaldehyde is a good thing," she said with a laugh.

For more exclusive interviews from all the stars in attendance take a look at our video above and catch the TV Land Awards Saturday, April 18 at 9 p.m. on TV Land.

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