EXCLUSIVE! 'New Girl' Sneak Peek: Schmidt Admits He's a 'Sick Man' Who Hates Panties!


After four years of watching Schmidt (Max Greenfield) on New Girl -- we'd like to think we know him pretty well.

He loves his driving moccasins, hates it when Jess uses a sauce pan to cook frittatas, and took figure skating lessons until he was 13 when his mom sobered up and realized he was a boy. But after watching our exclusive sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode, we've realized we don't know Schmidt at all!

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"I am a sick man," Schmidt tells a group of reporters with a confused smile while standing next to his current ladyfriend Fawn. "On Saturday last, Councilwoman Moscato was caught not wearing underpants because I asked her not to wear them. Why? Because it turns me on."

It's clear that Fawn is making Schmidt take the wrap for her scandalous behavior on last week's episode when she was photographed in a teeny-tiny skirt without any underwear. Now in order to save her reputation from "Panty Gate," Schmidt will publically shame himself in the most hilarious way possible.

Take at look at our exclusive first look video above to see all of the panty-drama for yourself and don't miss an all-new episode of New Girl tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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