This Dance Routine May Be the Coolest Thing We've Ever Seen!


On a recent episode of America's Got Talent, we were introduced to the dance group Freckled Sky, who promised to combine dance, water and lighting into an amazing presentation that would unlike anything the judges had ever seen before.

And then they proceeded to blow our freaking minds!

In what might be one of the greatest dance numbers ever orchestrated in the history of reality competition shows, the two members of Freckled Sky performed a routine that was so spectacular that it left the audience and all four judges dumbfounded.

Incorporating stunning choreography with state-of-the-art digital projections and a ton of real water, Freckled Sky truly did pull off a performance the likes of which AGT has truly never seen before.

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After the spectacular performance, the duo brought their producer Val Syganevich -- who orchestrated and designed the entire routine.

"It was my dream to create something special," Val said, when asked about his inspiration. "To see smiles on the faces in the audience."

"Well you certainly put smiles on our faces today," AGT judge Howard Stern told the trio as the audience cheered. Stern went on to reward them by pushing the coveted Golden Buzzer, sending the group straight to the live shows, where they will undoubtedly be the competition leaders.

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