Inside MTV's 'Scream': How Does It Stack Up to the Original Movie?

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The four Scream movies have made more than $500 million at the box office and now MTV is about to unleash the masked killer on a whole new generation.

In the TV reboot, which premieres June 30, a cyber-bullying incident results in a murder. Subsequently, the crime appears to inspire a new murderer to go on a killing spree that harkens back to a series of past homicides in which a ghost-faced psychopath slayed a string of teenagers.

NEWS: MTV's Scream Trailer Is Here!

Just as the original movie aimed at turning the horror genre upside down, the TV series is also switching it up with the inclusion of some current must-haves.

"I think in a way that social media almost makes us easier targets and it makes it really scary," new Scream star John Karna said. "It's going to be good."

Karna, Bella Thorne, Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Amadeaus Serafini, Connor Weil, Carlson Young and Dale Heidenreich star in MTV's new series, but ET was on the set of the original movie in 1996 with Courteney Cox.

"I think horror movies are great," Courteney told us at the time. "I just liked the character and I wanted to play something really different than what I play on Friends, and this couldn't be further from Monica."

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