Could This Family Replace the Duggars? Meet the Willis Clan & Their 12 Kids

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While the Duggar scandal continues to dominate headlines, another big TV family is starting to grab some attention.

TLC just launched The Willis Family, a show about a musical family with 12 children -- four boys and eight girls -- whose names all start with "J."

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"They're not just any big family. They can actually sing really well," People's Janine Rayford Rubenstein told ET. "And they have just blown up. It's like the perfect superfamily."

The kids, along with parents Brenda and Toby, have been gaining notice lately. They already have three albums out, they just wrapped the first season of their reality show and they did a photo shoot for People's next issue. Their big break came on America's Got Talent.

"We do a lot of things," 9-year-old Jamie said. "Most people want to see us doing everything that we do."

Right now the family is touring Ireland, and what holds them together is their strong Christian faith.

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"There's no premarital sex, and they do not drink alcohol, but at the same time the kids talk about their parents being pretty lenient," Rubenstein said. "They're able to hang out with friends and date."

The Willis Family airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.