'Orphan Black': 6 Things to Know Before Watching the Shocking Season 3 Finale!

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Hello, sestras.

The third season of BBC America's smash series Orphan Black has flown by in a blur of multi-clone chaos, and now we're just one day away from the final episode of the year.

We've already watched the jaw-dropping finale (not-so-subtle brag intended!) and spoke with co-creator John Fawcett to bring you six things you absolutely need to know before tuning in to Saturday's shockingly new episode.

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1. Castor Closure:
Unlike the past two seasons, the season three finale won't have as many cliffhangers. Instead, it'll be jam-packed with long awaited answers "It really is the closing of a chapter," Fawcett explained. "It was important because the story did seem to get a bit more complex in season three and the mystery just kind of sort of naturally had to, and so in creating this episode, we spent a lot of time moving toward this climax."

The showrunner continued, "There is a little bit more closure than maybe is typical for an [Orphan Black] season finale. It has a real feel of an ending vibe to it, rather than having everything left in a cliffhanger. I think we really wanted to have a really strong climax and then have the feeling that in season four we could reset a little bit and kind of begin again."

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2. Reunited and It Feels So Good:
We're leaving this one nice and vague, but we wanted to warn you that you're about to feel a flood of happy squeals. We want you to be just as shocked and excited as we were to see [Spoiler] come back into [Spoiler]'s life!

3. Getting Screwed:
Whether it's during an epic one-on-one throwdown that we've been waiting for, or putting trust into the wrong person's hands, there is one common theme for all the storylines: A whole lot of people are going to get double-crossed, or quite literally screwed, this week.

Whatever you do, don't blink. "You can definitely expect a lot of answers, a lot of conclusions and a lot of unexpected turns in the finale," Fawcett said. "It's definitely going to be more of an emotional climax to this season."

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4. Multi-Clone Craziness:
We're still baffled by and obsessed with the four-clone dance party at the end of season two, and Fawcett promised that fans are in for another multi-clone treat. "It's really hard to top the four-clone dance party, but you know we're going to try," he said.

"We thought about it a lot," he added. "We thought about a big, giant clone fight where Sarah has to fight like a hundred clones and then we decided that that wasn't a good idea. So we went for something slightly simpler, but still just as exciting as last season's."

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5. BOFFs – Baby Ox Friends Forever:
We don’t know about you, but we're all-kinds-of-obsessed with the new Donnie and Helena friendship that season three gifted us. Luckily, their friendship takes another huge step forward in the finale, and Helena really becomes a part of Team Hendrix with not one, but two amazing scenes in that garage that has seen everything.

6. Goodbye For Good:
As we all know by now, Orphan Black isn't one to shy away from killing off a beloved character. (We still miss you, Hot Paul!) So consider this your warning that none of your favorite characters are safe when it comes to this Saturday's conclusion.

"The fans have to be ready with our show for the left turns to happen all the time," Fawcett explained. "I kind of like it when people don’t know what to expect. That's kind of the way we like to leave that." We'll say this: there are multiple deaths in the season three finale, but it all depends on your personal favorites as to whether or not you'll be heartbroken or happy.

Orphan Black
's season three finale airs Saturday at 9 p.m. on BBC America.

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