Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem on Public Access TV and It's as Hilarious as You'd Expect


With a few months to go until he takes over The Late Show, Stephen Colbert is keeping his hosting chops sharp in unconventional ways. The comedian took over a public access TV show in Monroe, Mich. on Wednesday and interviewed one of Michigan’s most famous natives, rapper Eminem.

"So you’re from Detroit?" Colbert asked. "Who are some of your musical influences? I’d imagine Motown, Nugent, Seger?"

"Bob Seger's great," Eminem answered, leading to a lengthy segment where Colbert grilled him on some of the singer’s biggest hits.

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The usually stoic rapper was a great sport throughout the show even teasing Colbert at times. Eminem insisted that he keeps his lyrics clean and claimed that his music falls right in the middle of the creative spectrum between Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and more "street" performers like Will Smith.

Eminem even kept it cool when Colbert teased him about his outfit, a hoodie-hat-blazer combo that the host worried was obscuring the rapper’s face from the cameras.

"Speaking as an entertainer – and I’m in the entertainment industry – that’s such a cute face,” Colbert noted. “Why hide it?"

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The comedian referred to Eminem by his given name, Marshall Mathers, throughout the show, and only clued in to his identity towards the end of the 20-minute interview.

"You’re the dude who did the thing with Elton John at the GRAMMYS!" Colbert exclaimed, leading the two in humming the chorus of the song in question, Eminem’s hit 2000 single, "Stan."

"Can I perform now?" Eminem asked politely, once Colbert had his realization.

"Nah, we don’t have time," the host dismissed.

But there was time, of course, for Eminem to help Colbert read Monroe’s local community calendar. Public access at its finest.

Watch the interview in its satirical entirety above and prepare to start your countdown clock for Colbert’s return to national television.

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