'Chasing Life' Star Italia Ricci Found Her Real-Life Wedding Dress While Filming Season 2!

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Grab some tissues and a good friend because ABC Family's most tear-jerking series is back!

Chasing Life
's second season bows tonight at 9 p.m. and the one-hour premiere is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, gasp -- and then cry some more. (Hey, don't say we didn't warn you!) After that beyond adorable and impromptu proposal in the March finale, it's time to find out what's next for the newly engaged couple, and if saying "I do" could be the motivation April needs to beat her leukemia -- again.

ETonline caught up with leading lady Italia Ricci to get the inside scoop on all the personal ups and cancer-related downs on April's road to recovery.

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ETonline: Is it true that we'll be hearing some wedding bells this season on Chasing Life?
Italia Ricci:
That is true, yes they are! [April] is excited, it's all so exciting. It all happened in the finale and I'm so happy that they let her give an answer before they cut it off [in a cliffhanger], so now you get to see what she's dealing with. The first scene in the premiere is the morning after she said yes, and then it's a couple of months later.

Where are we when we pick up a couple months later?
You will find out that -- Spoiler, if you don’t want to hear it! -- that the chemo didn’t work this time and she's not in remission. So that sort of affects how she's planning the wedding and how she's doing everything else. And now that she doesn’t have her job anymore, which is something that defined her so completely in the first season, she's trying to figure out who am I now that I'm not a journalist.

What will April and Leo's (Scott Michael Foster) relationship be like in this wedding planning craziness?
I think that they're just really excited about one another still and they're still so comfortable. They've been through so much together and so now she's figuring out what to do now that she's got to take another step back to fight this. He's always sort of been her beacon of light and they just really enjoy each other still.

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What was it like trying on wedding dresses for April, especially since you're engaged to The Flash actor Robbie Amell in real life?
It's funny because when we were shooting the scene of April trying on wedding dresses, in between takes we were at a bridal shop, so I was looking around. I was like, 'This is convenient!' and I found my wedding dress. I bought my wedding dress from the place where April was trying hers on.

Besides dealing with the wedding planning, what is April's mental state going to be this season now that the second round of chemo did not put her in remission?
This is sort of a pretty uncomfortable low when she finds out that she's not in remission and then you just see her figure out if it's a clinical trial that she wants to do or what her other options are… We will see her try and live life to the fullest double time because the first time she got out of chemo it was her second chance and she didn’t want to take anything for granted. This time she's out of chemo, but it didn’t work so she's really, really got to haul ass to make every second count.

Season two of Chasing Life premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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