EXCLUSIVE: Shark Week Heads to Havana for Tense 'Sharks of Cuba' Documentary

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Shark Week is here and, as always, you better get ready for some of the most tense, nerve-racking television ever created.

This year, Discovery Channel is taking viewers to the ominous oceans off the coast of Cuba with the documentary Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba.

In this exclusive clip, we get to go under the surface of the water with marine scientists who are attempting to implant a satellite monitoring chip on a species known as the silky shark.

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Silky sharks got their name for their incredibly smooth skin, which makes it very hard for these scientists to get a hold on them to implant the chip, and any wrong move could spell disaster.

The only thing the scientists have going for them is the silky sharks lack of interaction with humans in the past, meaning they might not think of them as a threat. But with rows of sharp teeth just inches away, the pressure is on.

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In Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba, scientists from the U.S. and Cuba teamed up to search for a population of great white sharks that may be inhabiting a virtually unexplored section of the sea off the coast of Havana. Their goal is also to confirm a 70-year-old legendary tale about a massive great white known as El Monstruo.

Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba airs Tuesday, July 7 at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

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