Jennifer Morrison's Plan for Keeping Captain Swan Together Made the Entire 'Once Upon a Time' Cast Blush!

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WARNING: If you're a Captain Swan shipper, please read this interview with extreme caution. Side effects include squealing, jumping, ooh-ing aah-ing, and extreme levels of euphoria and giddiness. You've been warned…

Something wicked this way comes, and this time – it's not Zelena.

ETonline caught up with the stars of Once Upon a Time -- aka your favorite spellbinding drama -- at Comic-Con and today we're spilling everything you need to know about what's next for Emma's transformation into Dark Swan and what that means for her love life.

Not to worry, Oncers – this is merely just part one of our laughter-filled chat with television's most charming cast. (Pun totally intended!)

Take a look at our interview with the stars above to discover Dark Swan secrets, blush over Jennifer Morrison's flirtatious plans to keep Captain Swan together, and swoon over Colin O'Donoghue's promise for Hook to stop at nothing to save the woman he loves.

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Based off of the spine-chilling sneak peek that debuted at Comic-Con, we think it’s safe to say that Dark Swan will be the most formidable villain our Storybrooke heroes will ever face.
"I was really excited," Morrison said of Emma's sacrifice to become The Dark One. "It's obviously a really fun challenge to have as an actor to go from playing something entirely different, to something entirely different, so I was really excited to take on that challenge."

"Also it's a little bit terrifying," the blonde beauty continued. "It's a brand new thing! We’re creating a villain that has never existed before, so it's been an interesting collaborative adventure between [creators] Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz], and me, and Eduardo [Castro] the costume designer . It's all these crazy moving pieces, but it's been really exciting and hopefully it all comes together."

Although we're both hesitant and excited to see the havoc that the Dark Swan will wreak in season five, we're curious as to what this will mean for Emma and Killian's relationship, especially since they just finally exchanged "I love yous."

"Well, he was once a villain," Morrison said coyly while looking at her on-screen beau. To which O'Donoghue replied with a simple, "Yup!"

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So does this mean that Captain Swan fans have some hope? "Maybe I'll just, you know, suck him into the darkness with me," the actress teased with a laugh. Morrison's flirtatious response caused the rest of her OUAT co-stars to respond with a chorus of giggles and "Oooooh's!" like the world's most adorable class of third graders.

Lana Parrilla
then offered up the perfect retort to Morrison's playful storyline suggestion: "And Once Upon a Time is now at 10 p.m.," she said, to which Josh Dallas added with an eyebrow raise, "On Skinemax." (Be honest, who else is blushing so hard right now?!)

Seductive innuendos aside, O'Donoghue is confident that Hook's love for Emma is strong enough to bring her back to the light. "Hook loves Emma and he, much like the Charmings, is going to do whatever it takes to try and bring the savior Emma back because that's who he fell in love with," the star explained.

O'Donoghue also revealed that Captain Swan's relationship will now share some similarities to Rumbelle. "Similar to Belle and Rumple, [Hook] can still see the person that he loves in that darkness," he said. "Whether or not he's able to stop himself from going dark again is another question because he's been there before."

Once Upon a Time
's fifth season will premiere Sunday, Sept 27 on ABC.

Do you think Hook will be able to bring Emma back from being the Dark Swan? On a scale of adorable to amazing, how would you rate the Once Upon a Time cast? Share your thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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