11 Killer 'Scream Queens' & 'American Horror Story: Hotel' Secrets Revealed at Comic-Con!

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We've got some to-die-for news!

On Sunday afternoon, the killer cast of Ryan Murphy's upcoming thriller Scream Queens joined the A-list stars of the beloved anthology series American Horror Story: Hotel for one incredible Comic-Con panel.

ETonline was in the crowd at Hall H, and we're here to catch you up on all the secrets you may have missed about the two bloody series including the names of the AHS: Hotel characters, and if Lea Michele and Lady Gaga will be singing on their new shows.

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American Horror Story: Hotel


The new character names have been revealed! Here's who is playing who…
Sarah Paulson is "Hypodermic Sally," Evan Peters is "Mr. March," Kathy Bates is "Iris," and Matt Bomer is "Donovan." To make matters even better we also discovered that all of the aforementioned characters will be evil.

We hate to break it to you, Gaga lovers, but Murphy confirmed that there will NOT be any singing on AHS: Hotel.

For the first time in AHS history, Paulson might not survive the season. Dun dun duuuunnn!

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Last year we discovered that all of the AHS seasons are connected, and these worlds are about to get even more intertwined. Murphy revealed that characters from previous seasons will be "checking in" to Hotel.

If you're still mourning the AHS loss of Jessica Lange, then you might want to brace yourselves: Murphy briefly mentioned that just because Lange isn't going to be on Hotel, that doesn't mean that she won't return for future seasons of AHS. (Dear, TV Gods: Please let this happen!)

It was actually Gaga herself who approached Murphy via email with the request to join American Horror Story as an "evil" character. His response? "YES!" in all caps.

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Scream Queens


None of the actresses on the thrilledy (See! We told you we're copyrighting this term!) know who the killer is, but Murphy has a plan to keep everyone on their toes. The EP revealed that he'll have the Queens shoot a scene two different ways: one as if their character is innocent, and one as if she is the killer.

8. Jamie Lee Curtis'
character Dean Cathy Munsch is going to be a complete and total badass. “If you’re going to hire Jamie Lee Curtis, you want to see her kicking ass and fighting back and all those things that I loved her doing,” Murphy explained. “I’m actually writing a scene now where she’s fighting three killers.” (Ummm… three killers?!)

When asked if Hester's neckbrace is comfortable to wear, star Lea Michele responded with "Hell no!" The former Glee star also had a nightmare-inducing experience on set. When the Kappa pledges were buried in the backyard (Yes they were really buried!) spiders kept crawling on Michele's face. YIKES!

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If you were hoping to get your musical fix from Scream Queens, you might want to just re-watch season three of Glee. (We all know it was the best one!) Like American Horror Story, Murphy confirmed that there will be no singing on the thriller this year. Not even a Kappa karaoke night!

Although Scream Queens will not completely reboot each season like AHS, the Queens that do survive the Kappa bloodbath at the end of this first year will move on to different locations and different seasons.

Fans can pledge Scream Queens in September on Fox and check into American Horror Story: Hotel in October on FX.

Which show are you most looking forward to? What are you hoping to see on Scream Queens and AHS: Hotel? Share your killer thoughts with @LeanneAguilera on Twitter!

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