Julie Chen's Rapid-Fire Opinions of the 'Big Brother 17' Cast

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Julie Chen does not hold back when it comes to her opinion and Big Brother. ETonline caught up with the host to talk all about the current season -- the show's 17th! -- getting her rapid-fire opinion on all 17 houseguests. 

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For some of the players, Chen had little to say. She called Audrey Middleton -- the show's first transgender houseguest -- simply "complicated." She dubbed Colorado retail manager Becky Burgess "sweet," and thinks former college football star Clay Honeycutt is "cute." Chen also said that tattooed wrestler Austin Matelson was "in love" with at least one of his cast-mates.

Chen had a little more to say about Jackie Ibara, who entered the house with her The Amazing Race co-star Jeff Weldon, calling her "this season's Victoria," referencing season 16 player Victoria Rafaeli, who floated her way through to the final three last summer. "She's bright-eyed and bushytailed," Chen said of Ibara. "But I'm like, 'Give me something more!'" 

Next up: country boy James Huling. "I love this kid!" Chen said, adding that she enjoys watching him wander around the house in random hats he's found inside. "At first I thought, 'Oh, yeah! Fellow Asian!' And now that I've gotten to know him, there is nothing Asian about this guy!" 

However, dentist John Mcguire is a little more complex. "Why is he always screaming in the ... diary room?! Ba ha," Chen said, imitating Mcguire's over-the-top, extremely loud interview style seen on the show. "But then, after he does that laugh, I'm like, 'He's so cute!'" 

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Another cast member Chen loves? Supermarket cashier Jason Roy. "At first I thought, 'OK, Pee-wee Herman,'" Chen said. "This kid is sharp. He's funny. He's another one who speaks the truth. I think he is a player to watch."

Roy isn't the only houseguest Chen says viewers should be keeping an eye on. "I love Vanessa [Rousso]," Chen said of the poker champion. "She's smart -- she's cool, calm and collected. She is a thoughtful player. She thinks out each step ... she could win this whole thing."

Chen is also pulling for Liz and Julia Nolan, the twin sisters who are playing as one houseguest for now. Both will be released into the house should they survive five evictions. "They are so funny when they're together," Chen said. "I'm praying for them to make it to the fifth week, to both be in there together." 

Chen doesn't seem to have much faith in Meg Maley, though. "I wanna see some emotion other than, than, like, 'Aw shucks!'" Chen said, adding that Maley needs to step up her game play. "I wanna a little bit of, like, I don't know... misbehaving or something!"

Chen also wants to see college student Steve Moses come out of his shell. "I want to see him emerge a little bit more," Chen said. "I think the reason we haven't is because no one's really gravitating toward him. So if he doesn't have conversations with someone, how can you put him in all the shows? But he's learning, 'cause he started having conversations with himself [and the cameras]." 

The most confusing houseguest for Chen this year? Shelli Poole, the interior designer from Atlanta. "I don't think she has a bad bone in her body," Chen said. "And I don't think she's Machiavellian, but ... how is Shelli running the house?!

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ETonline also got Chen's take on this season's evicted houseguests. She said the first to go, personal trainer Jace Agolli, reminded her of Spicolli, Sean Penn's character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. "You can just picture him with the skateboard!" Chen quipped. 

Chen said she misses "clever," outspoken poker dealer Da'Vonne Rogers. "Da'Vonne spoke the truth," Chen said. "Which ended up getting her bounced from the house."

And finally, there's Jeff Weldon. "When I interviewed him [after his eviction], um, I thought, 'Harmless guy who just, his time was done in the 'Big Brother' house,'" Chen said. "Didn't leave a huge impression one way or the other on me ... Jeff and Jackie both! Because, when you said Jackie, it took me, like, seven seconds. 'Which one's Jackie?' And when you said Jeff, I was like, 'Which one's Jeff?' I mean, that's not -- that's not a good sign!"

You can form your own opinions of all the houseguests three times a week -- Big Brother airs on CBS Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST.