'Housewives Happy Hour' With 'Orange County' Star Heather Dubrow: Champagne, Collette and Cursing!

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ETonline invited Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow to join us for Housewives Happy Hour, a new web series where we sit down with the stars of Bravo's hit franchise over cocktails to dish dirt on the current season, talk cast members old and new, and discuss whatever else just happens to pop up.

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"Is there a better noise?" Dubrow asked as we uncorked a bottle of her new line of bubbles, Collette. "Just to be technical ... it's not a champagne. It's not from France. But, because of the way that it is fermented -- second time is in the bottle -- we get to call it a mèthod champenoise, 'cause it's in the method of how they do it in France."

Collette isn't the only product Dubrow's launched this year. She and husband Terry Dubrow now have a skincare line, Consult Beaute. They are also writing a book and have a new TV project in the works. "It's completely crazy!" Dubrow said of being so busy. 

On top of the businesses and the show, Dubrow is also a mom of four -- one of whom Collette is named after. "She will only be called Coco now," Dubrow said of her 4-year-old daughter. "I know some of the other kids were like, 'Why? Why did you... Why'd you name it after her?' And we go. 'You know, 'cause she's our favorite.' And no... that's not why ... it sounded French!"

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We're seeing more of Dubrow's kids this season -- her fourth on the show -- and learning more about Dubrow herself. When her co-star Tamra Judge sat down for her own Housewives Happy Hour in July, she told ETonline the biggest secret about Dubrow is that she curses like a sailor off camera. 

"Here's the thing," Dubrow said after watching a clip of Judge's interview. "When I meet someone for the first time and I'm sitting here with you, I'm not dropping F-bombs ... We're getting to know each other. It's like you're dating. You date your friends. So now, I've been friends with them for three, four years. You kind of loosen up a little bit. Now Tamra and I became really close, fast. So off-camera you know, we'd hang out and have more 'moments' together."

Of course, we had to ask for Dubrow's favorite curse word -- and it was a shock. 

"C**t," she said. "You know why? I feel like it's such a disgusting word. Let's embrace it ... You know, a lot of my favorite things start with the [letter] 'C.' Champs, Chanel, Collette..." 

That wasn't the only surprising "favorite" Dubrow revealed. She told ETonline her favorite moment on Housewives so far was the season seven finale party in honor of her changing her last name -- a.k.a. the one where co-star Alexis Bellino's friend Sarah Winchester ate a chunk of Dubrow's cake and insanity ensued. 

"There was a moment where I felt like all my friends were there," Dubrow said of the dramatic night. "New friends, old friends. I gave a toast ... it was just, like, such a beautiful moment of friendship between everyone ... I love that." 

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Dubrow also named her least favorite Housewives moment. "I hate watching the scene of me and Shannon [Beador] in my house last year when I asked her to leave," Dubrow said, referencing the co-stars' major season nine blowout. "I think there's, like, many levels of backstory now that everyone knows sort of what was going on last year ... I wish I could do it again."

Check out Dubrow's full episode of Housewives Happy Hour above for more, including her top pieces of advice for future Housewives

You can see more of Dubrow every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST when The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Bravo. Watch a preview clip of the newest episode below. Spoiler alert: Tamra Judge goes topless!