'HTGAWM' Creator Teases the Sex Position Everyone Will Be Talking About: 'Octopus'

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There’s no denying that How
to Get Away With Murder
is one seductive TV show.

When the hit ABC series first premiered last September, it garnered
as much attention for its progressive sex scenes as it did for Viola Davis’
Emmy-winning performance as Annalise Keating. Not only did Murder’s first three episodes feature explicit gay sex scenes, but
it also forced media outlets to put “rim job” in headlines.

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So when the show returns for season two on Thursday, Sept.
24, creator Pete Nowalk promises that HTGAWM
will continue to satisfy audiences. “Sex is part of the framework of the show,”
he says, explaining that “the characters are definitely sexual.”

“In the third episode, they represent a client who is
accused of murder at a sex party,” he adds. So yes, there will be plenty of
sex, especially in the first few episodes of the new season.

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When asked what sex position everyone will be talking about,
Nowalk makes reference to the upcoming sex party. “The title of the third
episode is ‘The Octopus,’ so you can Google that,” he teases.

Oh, we did.

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As for other sexy moments on the show, fans can expect more
shirtless scenes from Frank (“[Charlie Weber]’s quite a lumberjack, that one”),
even more penis dialogue from Annalise (“I can’t even count”), and dancing from
Asher (played by Matt McGorry).

“What’s great about Matt is that he brings some dancing to
scenes where there was no dancing,” Nowalk says of the actor. “If you want some
dancing, there’s a DVD extra. It’s an Asher rap video that he made back in
college that’s actually going to factor into our plot this season. So you
should go watch that.”

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It's a must-watch! Check out a snippet below:

How to Get Away With
Murder returns on Thursday, Sept. 24 at 10 p.m. on ABC. If you didn't get enough outtakes from season one, then watch ETonline's exclusive blooper reel before the series returns to TGIT: