Andy Cohen Wants Brandi Glanville to Return to 'RHOBH': 'She Does Think I Hate Her'


Andy Cohen stopped by Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show on Wednesday to promote his new channel, Radio Andy, when the conversation turned to the Real Housewives and the recent drama surrounding Brandi Glanville. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently revealed that she will not be returning full-time for the reality show’s upcoming season.

"She does think I hate her, I think," Cohen told Stern of Glanville, an accusation the Bravo host adamantly denied.

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"The issue with Brandi was that she got isolated to a point over two seasons where -- she would admit also -- she was on an island," Cohen explained of Glanville’s role on the show. "She is now at a place where none of them want to be with her."

"They genuinely hate her," Stern leveled, a charge Cohen agreed with.

"And, by the way," the Bravo host added, "Brandi hates them."

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Glanville recently joined Stern on his show as well, and opened up about being cast as the RHOBH villain.

"Last year was a really tough year for me because I felt like I played ball with everyone -- I gave my all to the show and then when it aired I felt like, 'Oh my God, they did me no favors in the editing room,'" she said of her less-than-flattering portrayal. "I got really upset and a little depressed. But you don't get a say. They're making a show -- they don't care about us."

As for her relationship with Cohen, Glanville was fairly diplomatic.

"I think that people think that he's best friends with all the housewives -- he definitely has a few that are his real friends -- but I don't know if he likes me," she told Stern. "I can't kiss ass, it's not in my makeup. And every other housewife, they all kiss his ass."

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Cohen told Stern that, despite everything, he’d still "love" to have Glanville back on the show.

"If you would love to, then isn’t it a done deal?" the radio host drilled.

"I hope so," Cohen shrugged.

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