John Stamos and Julianne Moore Brilliantly Act Out Soap Scene Using Only Taylor Swift Lyrics

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What happens when you get James Cordon, Julianne Moore and John Stamos to act together in a melodramatic soap opera written entirely with the lyrics from Taylor Swift songs? Comedy magic.

On The Late Late Show, Julianne, James and John – playing Juliette Moore, James Cordone and John Stamosa – decided to see how much raw, emotional power Swift truly packed into her lyrics for a special episode of The Bold and the Lyrical.

With Julianne in a shimmering purple night gown, James in a black leather jacket and black greaser wig, and John in a tweed, college professor coat, all the best soap opera tropes are handled masterfully.

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And there's really nothing better than watching Julianne slap James across the face and then telling him to "shake it off!"

It'll be hard to listen to Taylor again without imagining intricate, melodramatic scenes of lust, anger and passion performed by an Oscar winner, a sitcom star and a late-night host.

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