Jay Leno Tags in for Jimmy Fallon During 'Tonight Show' Monologue

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After a Bernie Sanders joke during Tuesday’s Tonight Show monologue, host Jimmy Fallon mimed pulling up lame, telling announcer Steve Higgins that he "pulled a hammy" on the punchline.

"I don’t think I can continue," Fallon said, "but of course, here at The Tonight Show, the monologue has to go on, so I think I’m gonna have to sub out. Can someone tag in for me please?"

Thankfully, Fallon had the perfect sub waiting in the wings: former Tonight Show host Jay Leno!

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Leno was more than happy to tag in for a few jokes, some of which, oddly enough, wouldn’t have been out of place during the former host’s tenure on the show.

"The election’s getting nasty. Did you see this, Ralph Nader called Hillary Clinton a corporatist and a militarist," Leno set up. "Isn’t that unbelievable? Ralph Nader’s still alive?"

"After that last debate, Marco Rubio being called the best communicator in the Republican party," the former Tonight Show host deadpanned. "Which is kind of like being the smartest Kardashian."

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Leno even enlisted the help of house band The Roots for some old school joke-telling.

"The Republicans says the economy’s bad, they say it’s bad," he set up, prompting the classic call-out: "How bad is it?"

"It’s so bad," Leno continued, "on Park Avenue today, I saw a woman with real breasts and a fake Gucci purse."

Finally, Fallon was rejuvenized.

"I got one, I got one," he chimed in, joining Leno onstage. "The economy is so bad, 50 Cent just changed his name to Nickelback."

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