Matt Bomer Says Taylor Kinney Was 'So Profoundly Cool' With Him Getting Naked With Lady Gaga on 'AHS'

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Matt Bomer stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday to dish on his new role on American Horror Story: Hotel, and his sexy nude love scenes with co-star Lady Gaga.

"I think you see more of me in the first episode of this than you see in the first two Magic Mikes combined," Bomer joked when asked about the nudity in the FX series.

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This season, Ryan Murphy's horror series takes place at the Hotel Cortez, which Bomer described as a "hot bed of evil." Gaga plays Elizabeth, the bisexual and polyamorous owner of the hotel, who has relationships with the three characters portrayed by Bomer, Angela Bassett and Cheyenne Jackson.

Bomer told DeGeneres how Gaga, whom he calls by her real name (Stefani) so as not to get caught up in the mythos of her stage persona, made their intimate scenes less awkward.

"She had us over her house before we started to work together so that by the time I was wearing nothing but a sock with her, we could just focus on the scene," Bomer said.

When ETonline caught up with Bomer earlier this year, he revealed how Gaga's fiancé, Taylor Kinney, also played a role in making the cast comfortable.

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"He's so profoundly cool, and he actually was so generous in spirit that he was actually saying to her, 'Don't bring me up in front of the guys. It might make them feel weird,'" Bomer shared. "He is that cool and that comfortable and that confident in himself, so it's a testament to him."

With his guard down, Bomer revealed that the experience of working with Gaga was better than anything he had hoped for.

"I had high expectations going in and they were vastly succeeded," he said. "She is probably the talent of her generation and she is so intelligent and generous and kind and gracious and a brilliant actress and we have had so much fun together. She is just so approachable and unaffected by all her fame that when the cameras are rolling we can just be in character and play the scene out."

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Bomer also teased a few things about his character to let fans know what they can expect from the season.

"It's certainly the most unapologetically flawed character I've ever played in my career," Bomer said. "He's somebody who doesn't take a lot of responsibility for his life. He takes a lot of his relationships for granted and he really feels like the world owes him quite a bit, as if having Lady Gaga as a lover wasn't enough!"

Reporting by Leanne Aguilera