Tom Hanks Gives Oscar-Worthy Performance of 'Bridge Of Spies' Scripts (As Written by Children)


What happens when you ask a bunch of elementary school children to write scripts based on the title "Bridge of Spies"? Well, you get some of the craziest, funniest scripts imaginable. So it only makes sense to have Tom Hanks act them out on TV.

The 59-year-old two-time Oscar winner sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Showon Thursday and the two vibrant thespians pulled off another brilliant installment of the award-deserving segment "Kid Theater."

Tom and Jimmy sat down together (with their artistic berets adding gravitas to their performances) to act out scenes from Bridge of Spies, as imagined by young children. As always the results were simply amazing.

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The first script of the evening dealt with a bridge absolutely filled with spies who were all busy spying on each other, and one lonely spy who wasn't invited, but wants to get in on the action. It was so good Tom pocketed the script for further consideration.

The second screenplay had a lighter tone and it was about a young woman and her boyfriend (who kept confusing her with his own brother because they "kind of look alike"). Also, the bridge in question is made of taped-together spies (obviously).

The third, and easily most poignant, script was about the importance of friendship among spies, and also the usefulness of binoculars when it comes to fighting bad guys.

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After watching this it's easy to understand how Tom won back-to-back Oscars and why he's been nominated three other times.

If his "Kid Theater" performance is any indication of his actual performance in the upcoming Steven Spielberg political thriller, another golden statue could easily be sitting on his mantel in the near future.

Bridge of Spieshits theaters Oct. 16. Check out the intriguing trailer for Tom's latest espionage drama below.

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