Bindi Irwin Raps About Cheese While Derek Hough Beatboxes, and It's Absolutely Hilarious

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Bindi Irwin was team captain during the group dance showdown on Monday's Halloween-themed Dancing With the Stars, and when the super sweet 17-year-old tried her hand at smack talking, the results were predictably adorable.

"You guys are gonna get out there and… uh, probably do a good job!" Bindi yelled at the opposing group, accidentally complimenting them.

After the show, ET caught up with Bindi and her pro partner Derek Hough, where she was given a chance to redeem herself.

So she performed an impromptu freestyle rap about how much she really doesn't like cheese, and it was strangely brilliant.

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"I don't actually really like cheese, I don't know why, but I think it's cause how it tastes and how it feels in my mouth because it's cheesy and it's kinda weird!" Bindi rapped, before getting very passionate about how gross she finds the dairy product.

"And it's mold!" Bindi yelled, grabbing the mic. "Why would you eat mold? It's moldy cheese!"

"It's a good point," Derek added, backing up his partner. "That was good smack talk."

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It's comforting to know that Bindi can put inanimate objects in their place, and, in turn, knock some pompous dietary staples down a peg or two.

Also during the show, Bindi and Derek performed a creepy, vampire-like Argentine tango that blew the audience away. However, the dance required a level of maturity that Derek wasn't totally comfortable asking Bindi to muster up.

"I asked her to [be] fierce, and I said the word sexy, and I said I hate saying that in front of you, Bindi," a bashful Derek explained. "But then she's like, 'Ok, I'll try. Yeah, sure.'"

Derek recounted how, as he put the music on in rehearsal, Bindi brought out her mature side. "I'm like, 'Whoa, whoa! OK young lady, you're allowed to do that for about a minute and a half, and when the song finishes, you go back to being my little Bindi, OK?'"

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Despite the awkwardness, their hard work and masterful dancing paid off. Bindi and Derek truly became the queen and king of the vampires when they took the stage, and were rewarded with perfect scores from the judges for the second week in a row.

Check out the video below to see Bindi and Derek's spooky, bloodthirsty performance in all its gruesome glory.

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