Showtime Welcomes You Back to 'Twin Peaks' With First Revival Teaser


Pour yourselves a cup of some damn fine coffee because it's time to celebrate!

After months of back and forth negotiations, Showtime has released the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Twin Peaks revival.

The short, but nostalgia-filled video promises that the next chapter of the cult-classic series is "coming soon" to the premium cable network in 2017.

Throughout the 50-second video, fans are treated to breathtaking aerial shots of the Pacific Northwest locale and ends with the unveiling of the iconic "Welcome to Twin Peaks – Population: 51,201" town sign. (Hmmm… we're thinking it might be time for the town to do another head count.)

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“Location sometimes becomes a character," actor Michael Horse, who played Deputy Hawk in the series, says in the trailer above. "[I] can’t put my finger on how I would describe it. It just touches something in the psyche. It’s almost like being in a moving painting."

Twin Peaks is currently in production and is being written and produced by series creators and executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost, and is directed entirely by Lynch.

Desperate for more Twin Peaks goodness? Press play on our video below for an exclusive flashback to 1990 when ET was on the set in Snoqualmie, Washington, with the relatively unknown cast!