EXCLUSIVE: 'Shameless' Star Emmy Rossum Reflects on the Gallaghers' Gentrification Rebellion

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Don't mess with the Gallaghers -- or their neighborhood!

In season five of the hit Showtime dramedy, Shameless, the Gallaghers experienced the dreadful beginning of gentrification near their home, and their reaction was priceless.

"The whole gentrification thing is, I think, timely because that's what happens," star William H. Macy explains in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video above. " You know, we all went out to the suburbs and now we're moving back to the city so those neighborhoods that were given up to the poh-folk are now being taken back by the people with money."

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"It's interesting how people can actually rebel against that," Emmy Rossum says. "Not only just on principle, but on the fact that it's kind of actually making the neighborhood too expensive for them."

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