Ben Higgins' 'Bachelor' Premiere: The Cutest, Craziest and Most Cringeworthy Limo Exits!

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"I can't wait to meet the future Mrs. Higgins."

Well, we're going to be honest: We're not sure if Ben Higgins met his bride-to-be on tonight's two-hour season premiere of The Bachelor, but we definitely do know that he met a whole lot of outrageous women.

From Identical twins, to mini horses, and chicken enthusiasts, to carb-haters, Ben's first meetings were jam-packed with gasp-worthy gimmicks and head-scratching hellos. Scroll through our list below to relive the cutest, craziest and most cringe-worthy limo exits of the night!

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The Most Cringe-Worthy:

Joelle "JoJo": Two words: Unicorn mask. That's right. After fumbling her way over to Ben, this 24-year-old real estate developer finally took the mask off. "So unicorns do exist," she deadpanned. "I think I'm yours." Ben uncomfortably giggled and we all died.

Lauren R.: You'd think a math teacher would have a more calculated introduction planned. "I've waited a long time to meet you. I feel like I'm at an unfair advantage because I've been able to stalk you over social media for, like, the last two months," the 26-year-old immediately confessed. "Are you serious?" Ben asked with a legitimately worried look on his face. She then rattled off everything she knew about him from her cyberstalking, but failed to mention her own name. FAIL.

Leah: Things started out so perfectly for this 25-year-old event planner! She looked stunning, seemed outgoing, and even brought out a football to show off her sporty side. But everything got all kinds of awkward when she turned around in her nude sparkly gown and attempt to hike the ball to Ben with her ass straight up in the air. Stick to cheerleading, honey.

Lace: "Will you close your eyes for a second?" the 25-year-old real estate agent asked. Just as Ben obediently closed his eyes, she planted a surprise kiss right on his un-consenting lips. "I wanted the first kiss and I just couldn't resist it!" she squealed like a 4-year-old. A clearly uncomfortable Ben stammered, "Uh, you got it. In front of everybody… Yay?"

Mandi: After stumbling out of the limo with a gigantic rose on her head, the 28-year-old had an extremely forward greeting for Ben: "I picked it out of my garden for you. Maybe if things go well tonight you can pollinate it later," she said. As she walked away, Ben mumbled, "Interesting…" If by "interesting," you mean "Ashley S. level of crazy" then, yes we agree with you, Ben.

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The Craziest:

Rachel: What do you do when you're unemployed? Blow all of your money on a hoverboard and ride up to meet the man of your dreams! Well, at least that's what 23-year-old Rachel did…

Breanna: When this 30-year-old nutritional therapist approached our Bachelor she was carrying a basket of baked goods -- but they weren't for eating. "I don’t eat any gluten because gluten is Satan. Let's be frank here," she said matter-of-factly. "Instead of breaking the ice, I thought we could break bread together." The duo then proceeded to smash loaves of bread into itty bitty pieces and our carb-loving hearts shattered as well.

Haley and Emily: Ladies and gentlemen, the twins have arrived -- and the look of pure glee and confusion on Ben's face said it all. These 22-year-old blonde bombshells had Ben seeing double, and left us scratching our heads as we tried to figure out why two sisters would want to date the same guy at the exact same time.

Isabel "Izzy": Instead of showing up in the typical rhinestone-studded gown, this 24-year-old graphic designer showed up in her pajamas to see if Ben was the "onsie" for her. Face, meet palm.

Maegan: If you thought the unicorn horse mask was a tad over the top, just wait until you hear about Maegan. Not only did the 30-year-old cowgirl walked up to meet Ben in her boots, she also brought her mini-horse along with her. To be honest, we kind of loved the hose, but that's main because he reminded us of Parks and Rec's Li'l Sebastian.

Becca and Amber: OK, we're filing this news under "Good Kinda Crazy!" Two of our favorite girls from Chris Soules' season -- Becca "The Virgin" Tilly and Amber James -- showed up late to the party to surprise Ben with a request to join his season. Their arrival was like a breath of fresh, non-crazy air and we love them for it!

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The Cutest:

Lauren B.:
The 23-year-old flight attendant -- who was the very first girl to meet Ben! -- looked lovely in a lavender gown when gifting the Bachelor with a pilot's wings pin. It was sweet and simple, without any of the typical limo cheesiness.

This first meeting was straight-up adorable! This bartender is from Alberta, Canada and she just so happens to be friends with Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, aka Ben's ex-girlfriend. Once she surprised Ben with the small-world connection, the 23-year-old teased, "She told me you have a really, really, REALLY big… heart."

Even though this software sales rep was dressed in a glitzy gown, that didn’t stop her from running right into Ben's arms. (We're serious, she literally jumped into them!) Luckily, Ben thoroughly enjoyed this spontaneous greeting. "This is the best first impression ever!" he said with a laugh while cradling the 24-year-old brunette.

Lauren H.:
This kindergarten teacher showed up with a dried bouquet of flowers and a super cute explanation why: "Last weekend I was at a wedding and, obviously, I caught the bouquet. I was super excited about it," the 25-year-old said. "That seems like some kind of sign," Ben said sweetly. Seems like it could be fate!

And last but certainly not least, we have Olivia, who didn’t need any gimmicks or pick-up lines to catch Ben's eye. The 23-year-old news anchor was sweet and sincere when introducing herself to Ben and the two quickly had some serious chemistry, so it's no wonder why she received the coveted first impression rose!

Overall, we'd say this season of limo exits was about 70 percent excruciating and 30 percent sweet. This is The Bachelor, after all -- he's got to be able to weed through the crazies to find his perfect rose!

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