Jimmy Fallon, J.K. Simmons and Billy Joel Pull Off an Epic Impromptu Performance During a Commercial Break


Plenty of epic performances and hilarious routines happen every week on the Tonight Show, but clearly, there’s even cool stuff going on behind the scenes!

The late-night show released a “commercial break” clip on Wednesday showing host Jimmy Fallon, Whiplash star J.K. Simmons and musical guest Billy Joel joining Joel’s band in an awesome impromptu performance of the singer’s doo-wop hit “The Longest Time.”

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It’s clearly an unplanned moment, as Fallon is actually seated at the beginning of the clip, though he later stands up to take on the song’s high falsettos while Simmons handles the low bass line.

Even Joel’s band seems impressed by the actor and host’s musical chops, as everyone shares hugs and handshakes after the song. Simmons even gets a thumbs up from the sax player.


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