'The Bachelor': A Second Self-Elimination and Surprising Emotional Connections Fuel Drama-Filled Week 3

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*Warning: Spoilers, obviously.*

In a night filled with even more drama than we've all come to expect, Monday's episode of The Bachelor served up some truly surprising moments.

First and foremost: Lace's departure.

This 25-year-old real estate agent made sure to stick out by being by far the most aggressive contestant on the show at the start of the season. But on Monday night, she decided to eliminate herself.

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Taking Bachelor Ben Higgins aside before the start of the rose ceremony, Lace shared an emotional revelation with the 27-year-old heartthrob.

"I'm mad at myself for the way I've acted since I've been here," Lace said tearfully. "I have a lot of work to do on myself, and I want to be able to offer you more.

"I just feel going home might be easier," she added. "My tattoo says you can't truly love someone else until you love yourself, and I don’t know if I truly love myself yet."

Well, that was certainly out of left field. But given her sudden flash of deep, personal insight, it seems like the best choice for her.

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On the other end of the spectrum was Jubilee's impressive turn-around from the contestant no one knew anything about to someone who's made their way into Ben's heart.

The former soldier and war veteran spent a large portion of the episode bemoaning the idea that she wouldn't get a date with Ben, and that she wasn't Ben's type. So, when she actually got a one-on-one with Ben, she was thrilled.

Then, she immediately freaked out and tried to get someone to take her place. Eventually, she just decided to go, and her frank and open dialogue with Ben stuck out among the sea of Ben's nearly-identical potential suitors.

In fact, Jubilee even got a rose after the date, securing her place in the house -- at least for the time being.

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She further established her place in Ben's heart when, after he announced to the women that he just lost two family friends in a plane crash the night before, Jubilee did what she could to ease his troubled mind with a romantic massage.

The move rubbed the other contestants the wrong way, since they thought it wasn't fair that Jubilee should get more time with Ben when she already got a rose, which lead to a confrontation that ended with Jubilee crying her eyes out in a bathroom.

Ben, moved by her tears, consoled her and chastised the other contestants for ganging up on her. Despite the drama, things were definitely working out in Jubilee's favor this week.

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In the end, Ben eliminated Jami and Shushanna. If you're asking yourself, 'Wait, who?', that's why they didn't get roses.

An all-new drama-filled episode of The Bachelor airs next Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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